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Strata Big Data Winners

Gil Press reviews the winners from Strata Conference Startup Showcase

Forbes, Gil Press, Oct 25, 2012

Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proclamation of the NYC Data Week, as Tim O'Reilly noted at the Startup Showcase, opens with the old adage,

"In God we trust, all others bring data."
The 14 finalists at the event, one of about 100 public events this week in New York, brought not only data but also top data science skills and enterprising ideas, hoping that competition judges Tim O'Reilly and Fred Wilson will select them.

Three winners stood "apart from the rest": O'Reilly picked up Privacy Analytics, Wilson selected Placed, and "the audience" went for Hadapt. Precog got an honorable mention.

Privacy AnalyticsPrivacy Analytics helps mostly healthcare research institutions to "mask and de-identify data before they disclose it for secondary purposes".

Placed is "location analytics for the real-world," aiming to "quantify the physical world."

Hadapt bridges the divide between a Map/Reduce programmer and a business analyst who is used to SQL and traditional BI and data visualization tools.

... other finalists were an interesting mix of big data tools and applications: Axemblr (Hadoop in your cloud of choice), Datacratic Inc. (applying machine learning and predictive modeling to real-time consumer behavior), InfoActive, (data visualization of the interactive kind), Mortar (Hadoop in the cloud), Next Big Sound (analytics for the music industry), NGDATA (enterprise data management software), Qunb (one-stop shop for numerical data), Red Carp Studio (analytics products and services), TempoDB, (time-series database service), and WibiData (platform for large-scale data storage, serving and analysis).

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