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KDnuggets™ News 12:n25, Oct 31

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Courses, Events



  • Business Analytics Strategy Summit, Orlando, Jan 23-25 - Oct 25, 2012.
    Join GSMI to take part in the most case-study oriented business analytics program on the market and take away new insight and information for successfully implementing an organization-wide business analytics program and vision. KDnuggets discount.


Academic/Research positions



News Briefs

  • Forrester Wave: Customer Analytics Solutions, Q4 2012 - Oct 30, 2012.
    Leaders include SAS, IBM, Pitney Bowes, and KXEN. KXEN InfiniteInsight receives top score among all vendors for Customer References.
  • Study: Big Data Analytics Taking Too Long - Oct 29, 2012.
    Companies stall in data preparation phase because traditional methods do not show context of interrelationships between data
  • Strata Big Data Winners - Oct 27, 2012.
    Gil Press reviews the winners from Strata Conference Startup Showcase
  • Strategic Big Data, Actionable Analytics on Gartner Top 10 Tech Trends for 2013 - Oct 27, 2012.
    Gartner defines a strategic technology as one with the potential for significant impact on the enterprise. Gartner list of Top 10 strategic technology trends for 2013 includes Mobile Devices Battles, Personal Cloud, Internet of Things, Big Data, and Actionable Analytics.
  • Data Mining and Data Collection Industry Public Relation Campaign (c comments) - Oct 17, 2012.
    DMA has created the Data-Driven Marketing Institute (DDMI) to engage the entire marketing industry in a coordinated campaign to set the record straight about the how data-driven marketing benefits consumers (and also prevent regulation of the consumer data-mining industry).
  • Splice SQL Engine(tm) for Big Data Apps - Oct 17, 2012.
    "The NoSQL community threw out the baby with the bath water. They got it right with flexible schemas and distributed, auto-sharded architectures, but it was a mistake to discard SQL", says Monte Zweben. The Splice SQL Engine enables companies to get the cost-effective scalability, flexibility and availability their Big Data

CFP - Calls for Papers


How many superstorms like Sandy are needed to convince some politicians that global warming is real?

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