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KDnuggets™ News 12:n24, Oct 17

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  • SiteCharm: Real-time Website Analytics - Oct 11, 2012.
    SiteCharm converts massive amounts of web data into real-time visual displays that show you how customers are flowing through your website.
  • 11Ants Analytics Predictor for Microsoft SQL Server - Oct 4, 2012.
    11Ants Predictor for Microsoft SQL Server is a high speed scoring engine for deploying predictive models to Microsoft SQL Server, enabling users to easily deploy predictive models built with 11Ants Analytics desktop modeling tools.
  • IPython Notebook environment for Data Science - Oct 16, 2012.
    IPython Notebook is an open-source, web-based interactive computing environment which enables the data scientist to build documents that combine code, text, formulas, visualizations and more to create interactive, documentable, and shareable reports.

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Academic/Research positions


  • NASA, NSF, DOE Launch Big Data Challenge - Oct 11, 2012.
    The competition will be run by the NASA Tournament Lab, a collaboration between NASA, Harvard University and TopCoder, a competitive community of digital creators. Register through Oct 13 for the first Ideation Challenge phase.


News Briefs

  • Lavastorm Analytics supports R Programming - Oct 16, 2012.
    The new R Analytics Pack brings the full capabilities of the Lavastorm Analytics Engine to R programmers, including the ability for them to bring together disparate data, and profile, inspect, and cleanse the data themselves.
  • Boston Big data space hack/reduce seeks resident hackers - Oct 13, 2012.
    hack/reduce mission is to help Boston create the talent and the technologies for the big data-driven economy. Hackers get access to a large-scale compute cluster, hands-on workshops, and a physical space in Kendall Square - applications accepted now!
  • Telefonica big data arm offers analytical insights into users - Oct 13, 2012.
    Telefonica, the Spanish mobile phone operator and owner of O2, is launching a new division to sell information about its customers.
  • Facebook-Datalogix Partnership to Track Offline Purchases - Oct 9, 2012.
    New partnership will measure how often Facebook users see a product advertised on the social site, then complete the purchase in a real-world retail store, by tracking the *anonymized* purchases of more than 100M households.
  • NSF Big Data Research Awards - Oct 9, 2012.
    New big data research projects sponsored by NSF aim to develop new tools and methods to extract and use knowledge from collections of large data sets to accelerate progress in science and engineering research and innovation.
  • Alteryx Consumerizes Big Data Analytics in the Cloud - Oct 8, 2012.
    The Alteryx Analytics Gallery is released with over 30 proven analytic applications that are free to use and download. These best practice applications help answer the big questions that drive organizational performance across several industries.
  • SAS Model Manager supports SAS, PMML, R models - Oct 8, 2012.
    SAS Model Manager provides a central repository for managing and using SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS/STAT, SAS High-Performance Analytics Server, open-source R, and PMML models.
  • Location Intelligence - Top 12 Industries - Oct 6, 2012.
    Location Intelligence has a vast array of potential applications across many industries and job functions.
  • BusinessInsider Most Valuable Private Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining Companies - Oct 5, 2012.
    Most valuable private companies in Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining space, ranked by revenue, users, market opportunities, growth rates, and the perception of investors and tech gurus.
  • Swiss Association for Analytics on LinkedIn - Oct 3, 2012.
    The goal of Swiss Association for Analytics is to spread the word about analytics in Switzerland and to show added value of predictive analytics and data mining to Swiss companies.
  • WSJ Next Big Thing in Analytics, Big Data - Oct 3, 2012.
    Analytics and Big Data companies among WSJ list of top US venture-backed companies.

CFP - Calls for Papers


Dilbert on Data Scientists as a Sexy Profession:

Woman: So, what do you do for a living
Dilbert: I'm working on a framework to allow construction of large-scale analytical queries on unstructured data
Woman: I'm a little turned on by that
Dilbert: Settle down. It's just a framework
Dilbert on Data Scientist as a Sexy Profession

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