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13 Big Data Vendors To Watch In 2013

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From Amazon to Splunk, here's a look at the big data innovators that are now pushing Hadoop, NoSQL and big data analytics to the next level.

Information Week, Doug Henschen, December 11, 2012

10gen 10Gen Scales Up Developer-Friendly Mongo DB.

10Gen is the developer and commercial support provider behind open source MongoDB. Among six NoSQL databases highlighted in this roundup (along with DynamoDB, Cassandra, HBase, CouchBase and Neo Technologies), MongoDB is distinguished as the leading document-oriented database. As such it can handle semi-structured information encoded in JSON (Java Script Object Notation), XML or other document formats. The big attraction is flexibility, speed and ease of use, as you can quickly embrace new data without the rigid schemas and data transformations required by relational databases.

Amazon Covers All Big Data Bases.


Amazon is about as big a big data practitioner as you can get. It's also the leading big data services provider. For starters, it introduced Elastic MapReduce (EMR) more than three years ago. Based on Hadoop, EMR isn't just a service for MapReduce sand boxes; it's being used for day-to-day high-scale production data processing by businesses including Ticketmaster and DNA researcher Ion Flux.

Amazon Web Services upped the big data ante in 2012 with two new services: Amazon DynamoDB, a NoSQL database service, and Amazon Redshift, a scalable data warehousing service now in preview and set for release early next year.

DynamoDB, the service, is based on Dynamo, the NoSQL database that Amazon developed and deployed in 2007 to run big parts of its massive consumer website. Needless to say, it's proven at high scale. Redshift has yet to be generally available, but Amazon is promising ten times faster performance than conventional relational databases at one-tenth the cost of on-premises data warehouses. With costs as low as $1,000 per terabyte, per year, there's no doubt Redshift will see adoption.

Other Big Data vendors covered in this article are:

Cloudera Addresses Hadoop Analytics Gap.
Cloudera is the #1 provider of Hadoop software, training and commercial support.

Couchbase Targets A NoSQL Divide.
A top contender in the NoSQL movement, Couchbase is a key-value store that is chosen for its scalability, reliability and high performance.

Datameer Stays Ahead Of The Analytics Curve.
Datameer's platform for analytics on Hadoop provides modules for data integration (with relational databases, mainframes, social network sources and so on), a spreadsheet-style data analysis environment and a development-and-authoring environment for creating dashboards and data visualizations.

DataStax Plays Cassandra Three Ways.
Apache Cassandra is an open-source, column-group style NoSQL database that was developed by Facebook and inspired by Amazon's Dynamo database.

Hadapt Brings Relational Analytics To Hadoop.
Hadapt was hip to the need for business intelligence and analytics on top of Hadoop before its first round of funding in early 2011.

Hortonworks Takes A Conservative Approach To Hadoop.
Hortonworks is the youngest provider of Hadoop software and commercial support, but it's an old hand when it comes to working with the platform - it is a 2011 spinoff of Yahoo.

Karmasphere Has High Hopes For Impala.
Karmasphere provides a reporting, analysis and data-visualization platform for Hadoop.

MapR: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others .
MapR replaced the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) with the proven Network File System (NFS). In the bargain, MapR claims to get "twice the speed with half the required hardware."

Neo Technology Database Manages Social Relationships.
Neo4j is used to model and query highly complex interconnected networks with an ease that's not possible with relational databases or other NoSQL products.

Platfora Puts A Lens On Hadoop.
Platfora is one of those startups offering a "new-breed" analytics platform built to run on top of Hadoop.

Splunk Has The Pulse Of Machine Data.
Splunk employs a unique language and its core tools are geared to IT types, but those power users can set up metrics and dashboards that business users can tap to better understand e-commerce traffic, search results, ad campaign effectiveness and other machine-data-related business conditions.

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