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Six Tools Put New Twist on Business Intelligence


6 BI tools - seen at Gartner recent BI Summit - provide interesting new twists on traditional business intelligence approaches

Enterprise Apps Today, June 7, 2012 By Drew Robb

The recent Gartner BI Summit in Los Angeles provided an opportunity for Enterprise Apps Today to meet with a wide range of business intelligence vendors to find out what's new on the business intelligence front. Here are six of the more interesting products seen at the summit.

QuartetFS QuartetFS Analytics Cube
QuartetFS has developed what it calls an in-memory OLAP cube which is aimed at solving Big Data problems. The basic idea is to eliminate the time wasted waiting on query results to materialize. Instead, QuartetFS updates its analytics cube whenever new facts come in. Thus it is constantly recalculating key factors against the flow from marketing and other data streams. ...

LogiXML Logi Info Active Analytics
LogiXML brought along a customer, Kevin Dodson, from outsourcing account/payroll firm Baker Tilly Revas to showcase a new addition to its product lineup called Logi Info Active Analytics. Baker Tilly Revas created a client portal from LogiXML that enables it to provide its clients with business intelligence capabilities such as reporting and dashboards. They can then drill into the data and perform their own analytics. This client portal ties LogiXML into six core apps that the company offers its customers. ...

Revolution's Business Intelligence with Statistics Edge

Jeff Erhardt, COO of Revolution Analytics, positions his company's product as Red Hat for statistics. His company is the commercial backer of the open source statistical language known as R. Erhardt believes R is taking over the fields of research and statistics. He points out that companies like Facebook, LinkedIn and banks (for trading models) already utilize it to derive knowledge from Big Data.

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