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Pervasive Software Enriches Pervasive DataRush with Scalable Analytics

Highly parallel platform leverages multicore systems to solve big data problems in data preparation and analytics


Highly Parallel Platform Leverages Multicore Systems to Uniquely Solve Big Data Problems in Data Preparation and Analytics

Pervasive Datarush AUSTIN, Texas - June 17, 2010 - Pervasive Software« Inc. (NASDAQ: PVSW www.pervasive.com), an emerging leader in enabling scalable data-intensive applications and data analytics, today announced a significant update to Pervasive DataRush(tm), offering extensible libraries for data preparation and analytics, as well as integration to the KNIME open source workflow interface for data mining. Pervasive DataRush is ideal for ISVs, OEMs, SI's, and end users in industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services, telecommunications, oil and gas and utilities as well as Government agencies who are striving to improve data quality and implement timely analytics as they face increasing data volumes and complexity.

Pervasive DataRush is an parallel dataflow platform that helps eliminate performance bottlenecks in data-intensive applications. Its expanded capabilities enable a broader range of users to cost effectively address the growing challenge and complexity of big data. It provides dramatically reduced runtimes for data preparation and analysis and enables the consumption of very large datasets without having to rely on sampling or the use of expensive, high-maintenance clusters.

The enhanced Pervasive DataRush capabilities, now generally available and accessible as a trial download, include:

  • New core analytics library including: k-Means clustering, na´ve Bayes, decision tree (C4.5) and k-nearest neighbor classification algorithms
  • Expanded data preparation capabilities
  • New parallel analytic nodes for KNIME
  • Java SDK to extend and customize data preparation and analytics capabilities
  • JavaScript-based scripting interface
For additional information, go to www.pervasive.com

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