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Harvard and MIT B-Schools on Analytics

A review of hot-off-the-press material on analytics in business from two leading Business Schools, Harvard and MIT.

Steve Miller Academics and Analytics

Steve Miller, Information Management Blogs,
September 28, 2010

... I've recently had the good fortune of digesting some hot-off-the-press material on analytics in business from those two august Cambridge B-Schools, Harvard and MIT.

Earlier this year I signed up for the free online edition of the MIT Sloan Management Review, and am now an enthusiastic consumer of

The New Intelligent Enterprise: The intensifying 'data deluge,' and the new analytical approaches that help organizations exploit that data will fundamentally change how managers make decisions and innovate. The New Intelligent Enterprise explores the challenges of the data-driven world, and seeks to define the new organizational capabilities this environment will demand.

The latest SMR newsletter revolves on an NIE survey of "global executives about turning the data deluge and analytics into competitive advantage." The resulting articles "10 Insights" and "10 Data Points" offer preliminary "observations and questions about analytics-driven management that have popped out of research and interviews so far, and which we'll be exploring more deeply in the major reports ahead."


Not to be outdone, crosstown rival Harvard Business Review sponsored an online seminar, "Analytics and Bottom Line: How Organizations Build Success" featuring rock star analytics experts Tom Davenport and Jeanne Harris. If you haven't participated in an HBR webinar, I'd recommend one based on my admittedly limited sample size of three. Much less self-promoting than your typical BI version.

The point of departure for the broadcast was material from the authors' recent book, "Analytics at Work: Smarter Decisions, Better Results."

The analytics methodology outlined in "AAW," DELTA - Data, Enterprise, Leadership, Targets and Analysts - drives much of the content and confirms many findings from the NIE research. An analytics-friendly culture of evidence-based decision-making fueled by a test-and-learn strategic orientation that includes a free pass for pushback differentiates analytics leaders from suspects. As noted by Barry Beracha, Chairman and CEO of Sara Lee, "In God we trust, all others bring data."

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