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  • Tim Berners Lee: Social Networks are a threat to the Web - Nov 28, 2010.
    Large social-networking sites are walling off information posted by their users from the rest of the web
  • New Poll: "Do not track" registry vs ad targeting - Nov 22, 2010.
    US Congress is currently discussing "Do not track registry", which will allow people to opt-out of tracking. Do you think such registry, if enacted, will significantly reduce ad targeting and behavioral advertising?
  • New in KDnuggets in November - Nov 30, 2010.
    Additions to KDnuggets in Companies, Meetings, Publications, Software sections
  • Most viewed items for Nov 21-27 - Nov 29, 2010.
    Google Refine cleans up data; Online book: Intro to data mining;
    Top jobs: Math Modeling and Optimization at ExxonMobil Research, Clinton, NJ; Relevance scientist / Research programmer at Yandex Labs, Palo Alto, CA;

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  • Predicting stock price movements - INFORMS Contest Results - Nov 29, 2010.
    Predict stock price direction in next 60 minutes. With almost 900 participants, the winning entry had AUC of 0.99.
  • Decisions That Drive Success white paper - Nov 30, 2010.
    Read this white paper to learn how decision management makes it possible to use predictive analytics as an integral part of real-time decision process
  • New book: Data Analysis with Open Source Tools - Nov 30, 2010.
    With this insightful book, intermediate to experienced programmers interested in data analysis will learn techniques for working with data in a business environment.
  • JSM 2011 Student Paper Competition, due Jan 28 - Nov 30, 2010.
    The paper might be an original methodological research or analysis of data (from various fields including but not limited to pharmaceutical, genomics, bioinformatics, imaging, defense, business, public health) that uses principles and methods in statistical learning and data mining.
  • How wise are crowds? - Nov 24, 2010.
    By melding economics and engineering, researchers show that as social networks get larger, they usually get better at sorting fact from fiction.
  • Running Kaggle Chess Ratings Contest - Nov 24, 2010.
    The major challenge is that chess ratings are longitudinal (results from earlier tournaments can be used to predict later tournaments).
  • New Book: Business Analytics for Managers - Nov 24, 2010.
    presents a sustainable business analytics (BA) model focusing on the interaction of IT technology, strategy, business processes, and a broad spectrum of human competencies and organizational circumstances.
  • Online book: Introduction to data mining - Nov 23, 2010.
    this online book was created by the Data Mining group at the U. Toronto, and it covers all steps of data mining process, from problem definition, data preparation, exploration, to modeling, evaluation, and deployment.

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ohnosecond ~ n. The time it takes to realize that you've just goofed by doing something dumb or absentminded on a computer, e.g., forgetting to attach a document to an email.

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