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KDnuggets™ News 10:n29, Dec 8

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  • New Poll: How Powerful is Your Analytics Computer? - Dec 7, 2010.
    New KDnuggets poll is asking about processors, memory, disk and OS configuration for your main analytics/data mining computer(s).
  • Poll Results: Web "Do not track" not likely to have a major effect - Dec 7, 2010.
    KDnuggets readers doubt that "Do not track" will have a major impact on web advertising
  • Agency Proposes 'Do Not Track' Option for Web Users - Dec 1, 2010.
    FTC "do not track" proposal will let consumer choose if they want information about their web browsing to be collected. Industry self-regulation has failed to provide adequate and meaningful protection for consumers, says FTC. Now FTC proposes "privacy by design," where companies are required to build privacy protections into their everyday business practices.
  • Predictive Analytics World, March 14-15, San Francisco - Dec 7, 2010.
    will cover hot topics, including uplift modeling, social data (several sessions), cross-industry applications, ensemble models, fraud detection, and much, much more.
  • Most viewed Nov 28-Dec 4 - Dec 5, 2010.
    Tim Berners Lee: Soc. Networks threat to the Web; Book: Data Analysis with Open Source Tools;
    Top jobs: Analytics Manager at Opera Solutions, London and Paris; Relevance scientist / Research programmer at Yandex Labs, Palo Alto;
  • Most viewed news, jobs in November - Dec 3, 2010.
    Google Cleans Up Messy Data with Refine; Forbes on The Data Analytics Boom;
    Top jobs: Decision Scientist - Fraud Risk Analytics, Microsoft; Mathematical Modeling, Optimization at ExxonMobil Research

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  • Machine Learning/Data Mining in R - Dec 6, 2010.
    Patricia Hoffman and Mike Bowles teach a set of Machine Learning / Data Mining classes using R starting in January, in Silicon Valley.

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The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs. (V. Havner) (thanks to @glenux)

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