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Top words in KDnuggets for 2010

Top 10 words are data, analytics, mining, business, predictive, social, analysis, research, most, sas. We also analyze 2-word terms and generate word clouds

I have analyzed the top words used in KDnuggets articles in 2010. The top 10 terms are
  1. data
  2. analytics
  3. mining
  4. business
  5. predictive
  6. social
  7. analysis
  8. research
  9. most
  10. sas

which is a good summary of KDnuggets focus.

Here is a word cloud for top 50 KDnuggets words in 2010. Larger font corresponds to more frequent items (log scale used), while different colors are used only to increase readability.

analysis  analytics  applications  available  business  companies  company  conference  customer  data  first  free  google  help  intelligence  jobs  large  learning  like  management  market  marketing  media  mining  model  modeling  models  most  network  online  people  predictive  research  results  said  san  sas  science  services  social  solutions  statistical  systems  technology  text  time  tools  university  web  world 

The top 10 2-word terms in KDnuggets in 2010 are:

  1. data mining
  2. predictive analytics
  3. social media
  4. business intelligence
  5. machine learning
  6. business analytics
  7. data analysis
  8. most viewed
  9. viewed items
  10. data sets

Here are the top 2-word terms. As expected, "Data Mining" and "Predictive Analytics" are the top terms, but we also see new terms like "data analytics". "Social media", "social network", and "social networks" show the increasing social focus.

advanced analytics  analytics data  analytics world  big data  business analytics  business intelligence  data analysis  data analytics  data miners  data mining  data sets  items week  jobs data  machine learning  media analytics  most viewed  poll results  predictive analytics  predictive modeling  predictive models  san diego  san francisco  social media  social network  social networks  text analytics  text mining  viewed items  web analytics  world cup 

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