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KDnuggets™ News 11:n02, Jan 19

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  • Top words in KDnuggets for 2010 - Jan 17, 2011.
    Top 10 words are data, analytics, mining, business, predictive, social, analysis, research, most, sas. We also analyze 2-word terms and generate word clouds
  • New Poll: Your Analytics/DM Role and Experience - Jan 16, 2011.
    new KDnuggets Poll is asking: what is your analytics/data mining role and experience? Please vote on www.kdnuggets.com
  • Poll Results: Analytics/DM Conferences attended in 2010 - Jan 15, 2011.
    Researchers and practitioners split; KDD and ICDM remain the top research conferences, but SAS M2010 and PAW conferences grow in popularity.
  • Trouble with Google - losing to spam? - Jan 15, 2011.
    a flurry of recent articles complained about decline of Google search quality. Is Google a monoculture or a Sex-starved Gorilla?
  • Predictive Analytics World: over 40 sessions with case studies - Jan 18, 2011.
    Predictive Analytics World, March 14-15 in San Francisco will feature over 40 sessions with case studies from leading enterprises
  • Most viewed items for Jan 9-15 - Jan 16, 2011.
    You Might Already Know This; KDD-2011 - top analytics/data mining meeting in San Diego;
    Top jobs: Research Scientists at RSA Labs, Cambridge MA; Principal Software Engineer at Yandex Labs, Palo Alto, CA;
  • Most viewed items for Jan 2-8 - Jan 9, 2011.
    Top Conferences in Data Mining; AI Defeats the Hivemind;
    Top jobs: Predictive Modeling Analyst at RTI, Research Triangle Park, NC; IBM Goldstine Memorial Fellowship in Math Sciences, Yorktown Heights, NY;

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  • Large Scale Hierarchical Text classification - Jan 18, 2011.
    This year's challenge will increase the scale and the difficulty of the task, using data from Wikipedia, in addition to the ODP Web directory data (www.dmoz.org).
  • ISMIS 2011 Contest: Music Information Retrieval - Jan 16, 2011.
    Recognition of genre of music and instruments playing are the two topics of ISMIS-2011 contest. Successful solution of these problems may lead to development of better applications for indexing and searching through multimedia data.
  • Unsupervised and Transfer Learning Challenge - Jan 6, 2011.
    LEARN from unlabeled data Representations of Similarity Measures and then apply this to supervised learning tasks. You have 50 days to work on 5 unsupervised learning task from large real world databases.
  • 11 Best Web Analytics Tools - Jan 14, 2011.
    Every company needs multiple tools to understand the performance of its website, happiness of its customers and gain key context from competitors. Here are 11 tools to help you gather that important data.
  • Google to Start Charging for Prediction API - Jan 12, 2011.
    The service will be free to users for six months or until the they reache a cap of 20,000 predictions. Free accounts will also be limited to 100 queries and 5MB trained per day.
  • Mapping America: View US Census 2010 Data - Jan 5, 2011.
    An excellent interface for viewing US census data
  • How Twitter Uses NoSQL - Jan 5, 2011.
    How Twitter manages Big Data (12 TB/day) with Scribe, Hadoop, Pig, Cloudera, and other software

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  • New Book: Real Time Data Mining - Jan 18, 2011.
    Shows how to move from conventional data mining to real time data mining is through the use of a method called the Real Time Learning Machine or RTLM.
  • Will You (Re)Tweet This? - Jan 18, 2011.
    New analysis could help predict how stories will be shared.
  • So You Like Big Data - Jan 11, 2011.
    Daniel Tunkelang on learning to love big data
  • You Might Already Know This - Jan 10, 2011.
    This paper inflamed one of the longest-running debates in science. For decades, some statisticians have argued that the standard technique used to analyze data in much of social science and medicine overstates many study findings - often by a lot.
  • Predictions and Plans for Business Analytics in 2011 - Jan 10, 2011.
    James Kobelius talks about principal business-analytics trends: self service, pervasive, social, scalable, cloud, and real-time
  • 10 IT Companies To Watch In 2011 - Jan 6, 2011.
    Here are 10 relatively small IT/Analytics companies worth watching in 2011 - primarily because we're impressed with the technology they offer.
  • Missing Inaction ... Can Be Hazardous to Your Data Mining Project - Jan 6, 2011.
    Missing data is one common component that contributes to the unpleasant moniker "dirty data". We'll start first with detecting it.
  • Journal's Paper on ESP Expected to Prompt Outrage - Jan 6, 2011.
    a paper presenting what its author describes as strong evidence for extrasensory perception, the ability to sense future events, will be published in a respected psychology journal, generating a mixture of amusement and scorn.

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"The most merciful thing in the world... is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents." (H.P. Lovecraft)
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