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KDnuggets™ News 11:n03, Jan 26

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  • Visualize your LinkedIn Map - Jan 25, 2011.
    InMaps is an interactive, color-coded visual representation of your LinkedIn network.
  • Much faster Permutation Tests and Sampling with SAS - Jan 23, 2011.
    Six permutation test algorithms coded in SAS are compared. The fastest achieves speed increases orders of magnitude faster than the relevant "built-in" SAS procedures.
  • Stay Alert! The Ford Challenge - Jan 20, 2011.
    The objective is to design a classifier that will detect whether the driver is alert or not alert, employing data that are acquired while driving.
  • Mapping Health Statistics at CDC.gov - Jan 19, 2011.
    Ajay Ohri on CDC.gov interactive tool for analyzing US stats on death and injury. For example, white people are more likely than black people to own guns, but are seemingly less likely to be injured by firearms.

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