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KDD-2011 - top analytics/data mining meeting in San Diego

International Analytics Conference KDD-2011 is expected to attract 900 scientists and researchers to San Diego's analytics hub.

KDD-2011, Manchester Grand Hyatt - August 21 - 24, 2011

International Analytics Conference KDD-2011 Is Expected To Attract 900 Scientists and Researchers to San Diego's Analytics Hub

SAN DIEGO (January 11, 2011) -- The premier international conference for predictive analytics and data mining, KDD-2011 has selected San Diego as the site of its 2011 conference for analytics leaders and researchers from industry, government and academia.

Set for August 21 - 24 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, the KDD conference (Knowledge, Discovery, Data mining www.kdd2011.com) typically attracts 900 top analytics scientists and data mining professionals from around the world to share cutting-edge research and technical insights.

"We chose San Diego as the site of our 2011 conference in large part due to its reputation for analytics innovation and its significant concentration of area analytics companies and talent," said Conference Chair Chid Apte, Ph.D., Director, Analytics Research, Business Analytics and Mathematical Sciences at IBM Research in New York. "Several of our colleagues at the University of California San Diego and area analytics businesses were instrumental in our choice."

With more than 100 area analytics companies, analytics is a strong area of job growth for San Diego.

KDD-2011 will feature keynotes by influential leaders in analytics and data mining along with multiple tracks covering a wide variety of technical presentations, panels, exhibitions, workshops, tutorials, and the annual KDD Cup competition. An Industry Expo Track, new to the conference this year, will feature innovative technologies by leading analytics companies.

Analytics applications to be discussed throughout the conference are used in analyzing and optimizing everything from traffic flow and roadway operations to biotechnology laboratory research, healthcare data monitoring, credit scoring, online marketing, fraud detection, insurance underwriting, customer retention and much more.

Among San Diego area analytics companies are Teradata, FICO, Mitchell International, Covario, Certona, Experian, Opera Solutions, ID Analytics, Intuit, SAS, Brightscope, Zementis and Melissa Data. These companies include those whose primary business focus is analytics, as well as those who use analytics in key roles supporting their principal business.

Organizational sponsors of KDD-2011 are:

For additional information, contact Nancy Davis, 619-770-7605.

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