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Additions to KDnuggets in July

New companies, education, meetings, publications, software

New entries for companies, education, meetings, publications, software.

In Companies » Consulting

  • Data and Analytic Solutions Inc. (DAS) offers analytic solutions for evidence-based support in your decision making, quality care, performance management, fraud detection, and BI. Fairfax, VA, USA.
  • DataMine Lab offers machine learning and data warehouse consulting, based on research in data mining, cloud computing, and Hadoop based data technologies such as Mahout and Hive. London, UK.

In Meetings

In Publications » Books, Introductory / Textbooks

In Software » BI, Database and OLAP

  • Salient, in-memory OLAP visual data mining - designed to work the way you think. Follow your stream of thought to see patterns, separate outliers, expose root causes and get the answers you need now.

In Software » Libraries

In Software » Text Analysis, Text Mining and Information Retrieval

In Software » Web Content Mining, Screen scraping

  • Automation Anywhere, intelligent automation software to automate business & IT processes, including web data extraction and screen scraping.
  • iWebScraping, Web Scraping, Data Extraction, Data Mining Services. Scrape data from YellowPages, Directory, Amazon, eBay, Business Listing, Google Maps.
  • Web Data Extraction Services provides robust, cutting-edge solutions and services for data extraction from websites.

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