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KDnuggets™ News 11:n19, Aug 3

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  • New Poll: What Languages you used for data mining - Aug 2, 2011.
    Please vote on www.kdnuggets.com or here
  • Predictive Analytics World Government, Sep 12-13, Wash. DC - Aug 1, 2011.
    Congressman Darrell Issa, R-CA, Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has joined the powerful line-up of keynotes and featured speakers at Predictive Analytics World for Government with his keynote: "Fighting Waste, Fraud and Abuse with DATA"
  • Top news, jobs in July - Aug 1, 2011.
    Obama Builds Data Team; Book: Data Mining: Concepts, Models, Techniques;
    Top jobs: Predictive Modeling, Data Mining at Obama 2012 Campaign; Director of Analytics Solutions at Predixion Software, TeleCommute.
  • Additions to KDnuggets in July - Aug 1, 2011.
    New companies, education, meetings, publications, software
  • Top news for Jul 24-30 - Jul 31, 2011.
    Obama Builds Data Team; Poll: Text analytics use grows steadily;
    Top jobs: Predictive Modeling and Data Mining Scientists at Obama 2012 Campaign; Microsoft Data Mining/Stats/Analytics hiring at KDD-2011

Courses, Events


  • JT on IBM In-Database Analytics - Aug 2, 2011.
    three main features: SQL Pushback, direct access to DB analytic modeling routines and model deployment/scoring options help achieve in-database execution.




  • Analytics 2011: Blazing new frontiers for innovation - Jul 28, 2011.
    explore the latest trends and techniques in data mining, text analytics, forecasting, optimization, visualization and predictive modeling at The SAS Analytics 2011 Conference, October 24-25, Orlando.


  • Interviewing Data Miners and Modelers - Aug 2, 2011.
    Tim Graettinger on his approach to interviewing data miners and modelers.
  • SIGKDD 2011 to Honor Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations - Jul 31, 2011.
    Michael Hay won for "Enabling Accurate Analysis of Private Network Data"; Runner up is Tianyi Wu, for "A Framework for Promotion Analysis in Multi-Dimensional Space". The award is for outstanding research by doctoral candidates in the field of data mining and knowledge discovery.
  • Singapore Picks a Winner in Analytics - Jul 29, 2011.
    Tom Davenport on launching the Deloitte Analytics Institute in Singapore, and Singapore investment in Analytics.

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"The question is, what is noise and what is real?" said Dr. Steven Goodman, a biostatistician at Johns Hopkins University. In these studies, he added, "you are guaranteed to find things," and almost always what is found is nonsense.

New York Times, July 19, 2011

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