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KDnuggets™ News 11:n18, Jul 27

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  • Poll results: Text analytics use grows steadily - Jul 25, 2011.
    fewer people did not use text analytics vs 2 years ago, and more respondents (21.5% vs 14%) used them in over half of the projects.
  • Obama Builds Data Team That Could Inform Digital Ads, Social - Jul 18, 2011.
    Obama for America has been hiring data quants, and recently posted job openings for predictive modeling and data mining analysts, along with state data directors.
  • Nine analytics Workshops in NYC this October; PAW News - Jul 26, 2011.
    deliver top notch analytical and business expertise across the hottest topics, at PAW and Text Analytics World, Oct 16-21, New York, NY
  • Top news for Jul 17-23 - Jul 24, 2011.
    Obama Builds Data Team; Microsoft Daytona big-data analytics.
    Top jobs: Predictive Modeling/DM Scientists/Analysts at Obama 2012, Chicago; Data Mining Researcher at Motorola.
    Most tweeted: Obama Builds Data Team; Data Analysis Contest Using R
  • Most viewed items for Jul 10-16 - Jul 17, 2011.
    Analytic positions at Obama 2012 Campaign; A Random Algor. Library for DM; New Poll: Text Analytics Use?;
    Top jobs: Analytic positions at Obama 2012 Campaign; SW Engineer, Data Analytics/Modeling at Guardian Analytics;
    Most tweeted: Analytic positions at Obama 2012 Campaign; Ben Shneiderman on Information Visualization for Knowledge Discovery
  • SAS Analytics 2011 Conference, Oct 24-25, Orlando - Jul 23, 2011.
    Discount to KDnuggets readers on registration for SAS Analytics 2011 Conference. Listen to experts talk about data mining, forecasting, text analytics, fraud detection, predictive modeling, operations research and more.


  • Webinar: Data Mining: Failure to Launch - Jul 26, 2011.
    Attend this free webinar on Aug 17 or Sep 27 to learn how to get started with data mining and overcome both strategic and tactical limitations that cause data mining projects to fall short of their potential.
  • On-demand webinar: Trace Your Steps through Analytics - Jul 20, 2011.
    showcases our Lavastorm Desktop Product and the data traceability features which allow you to create a complete analysis and trace your steps along the way.



Academic/Research positions


  • Data Analysis Contest Using R - Jul 18, 2011.
    The goal: promote/improve the value of housing data from Nestoria, an online property search engine used by more than 2.5M visitors/month.
  • Kaggle: Claim Prediction Challenge - Jul 13, 2011.
    predict Bodily Injury Liability Insurance claim payments based on the characteristics of the insured's vehicle.


  • 2011 IEEE ICDM Research Contributions and Outstanding Service Awards - Jul 25, 2011.
    Nominations due August 15 for the Research Contributions Award (for influential research contributions to the field of data mining) and the Outstanding Service Award.
  • KDD-2011 News: Program and Schedule, Hotel - Jul 22, 2011.
    The full program and posters are now available online, and hotel rooms are filling fast - register today!
  • Predictive Analytics World NYC Highlights - Jul 21, 2011.
    Download conference preview guide for an in-depth look at the PAW's all-star speaker line up and array of case studies.
  • Salford Systems Training at JSM - Jul 13, 2011.
    will focus on advances in tree-based modeling tools, data mining, predictive analytics and modeling automation technology. Combining CART, MARS, TreeNet and RandomForests data mining engines into a single suite allows the analyst to easily check and compare the performance of different data approaches in order to select the best one.


  • Time to start looking at treatment of data waste - Jul 25, 2011.
    data waste management on computer systems could, and should be handled similarly to the way physical-world waste is managed.
  • INFORMS Analytics Magazine for July-August - Jul 15, 2011.
    Read both the "how-to" and "what-not-to-do" stories. The cover story shows how to overcome the Big Data Dilemma by exploiting the raw material of the information economy.
  • Book: Business Intelligence Success Factors - Jul 14, 2011.
    unveils the connection between the increased use of BI and the need for new, proven theories and models in BI, as well as the guidance to implement them successfully in your organization.

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anything that gets invented after you’re thirty is against the natural order of things and the beginning of the end of civilisation as we know it until it’s been around for about ten years when it gradually turns out to be alright really.

Douglas Adams, in How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet

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