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KDnuggets™ News 11:n17, July 13

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  • New Poll: Text Analytics Use? - Jul 12, 2011.
    How much did you use text analytics in the past 12 months and how much do you plan to use over the next 12 months? Please vote
  • Poll results: Vacation length by region - Jul 12, 2011.
    The European data miners have longest vacation of 4.3 weeks (avg), while Latin Americans have the shortest. Interestingly, academic researchers report shorter vacation time than ones in the industry.
  • Predictive Analytics World October 2011 in New York - Jul 12, 2011.
    Download the Conf. Preview Guide; IBM Watson, Jeopardy Champ Slayer: New Keynote from David A. Ferrucci, IBM Watson Project Leader.
  • Most viewed items for Jul 3-9 - Jul 10, 2011.
    New Book: Data Mining: Concepts ...; Distr. Evo. Algs Python library (DEAP);
    Top jobs: Data Mining Analyst at Waterfront International, Toronto; Statistician/Algorithms Scientist at Guardian Analytics, Los Altos, CA;
  • Most viewed news, jobs in June - Jul 8, 2011.
    LexisNexis open-sources its Hadoop killer; What do Data Miners Need to Learn?
    Top jobs: Scientist, Predictive Analytics at Disney Interactive; Data Analyst - Windows Live Intelligence at Microsoft
  • Additions to KDnuggets Directory in June - Jul 8, 2011.
    New datasets, education, meetings, publications, software, solutions, websites
  • Most viewed items for Jun 26 - Jul 2 - Jul 5, 2011.
    Supreme Court strikes ban on pharma data mining; Dark matter in a new light with competition;
    Top jobs: Statistician/Algorithms Scientist at Guardian Analytics; Data Ops Engineer at WaPo Labs.

Courses, Events


  • Webinar: Data Mining: Failure to Launch - Jul 12, 2011.
    Attend this free webinar on July 14 or Aug 24 to learn how to get started with data mining and overcome both strategic and tactical limitations that cause data mining projects to fall short of their potential.




  • Wikipedia for Kaggle Participants - Jul 9, 2011.
    Tips from Wikipedia editor/admin on how to best analyze Wikipedia data for the ICDM 2011 Kaggle data-mining challenge: use data from 10 years of Wikipedia edits in order to predict future edit rates.
  • ICDM 2011 Data Mining Contest - Jun 30, 2011.
    The challenge is to develop methods that can predict future editing activity on Wikipedia. Prizes for top finishers total 10K.
  • Competition Shines Light on Dark Matter - Jun 29, 2011.
    in less than a week, a PhD student created an algorithm that outperformed the state-of-the-art algorithms for mapping dark matter.


  • Boston Predictive Analytics Meetup - Jul 11, 2011.
    Covering business applications, Web Analytics, R, Recommender Systems, Machine Learning, Google Analytics, Data Visualization, Social Media / Text Analytics, and related topics.
  • KDD 2011 (Aug 21-24, San Diego) Program - Jul 11, 2011.
    state-of-the-art research, invited talks from industry and academic leaders (including Peter Norvig, David Haussler, and Judea Pearl), tutorials on social media analytics, Internet ad systems, Hadoop, and much more. Register today!
  • Data Mining Meetup, San Francisco area - Jul 10, 2011.
    host and highlight events on a wide range of data mining topics


News Briefs

CFP - Calls for Papers


"In the scientific study of random processes, the drunkard's walk is the archetype ... we're continually nudged in this direction and then that one by random events. As a result, although statistical regularities can be found in social data, the future of particular individuals is impossible to predict."

Leonard Mlodinow
thanks to Steve Miller in Information Management

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