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KDnuggets™ News 11:n20, Aug 17

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  • SIGKDD 2011 Innovation Award Winner - Aug 16, 2011.
    Dr. Ross Quinlan for his seminal contributions to rule induction and decision tree algorithms and for participating in laying the foundation of data mining, particularly with the invention of ID3 and C4.5
  • SIGKDD 2011 Service Award Winner - Aug 16, 2011.
    Dr. Bharat Rao is the winner of its 2011 Service Award for his contributions to society and the data mining community.
  • Poll Results: Top Languages for Data Mining/Analytics - Aug 16, 2011.
    R (used by 45%), SQL (32%), and Python (25%) are top languages for data mining/data analysis. A typical data miner uses 2 languages.
  • New Financial Services Track at Predictive Analytics World NYC - Aug 15, 2011.
    3rd track covers financial services applications of predictive analytics. Sessions feature content for newcomers and expert practitioners alike.
  • Join Us For The Salford Analytics and Data Mining Conference - Aug 5, 2011.
    in San Diego, CA in May 2012. We welcome all levels of data analysts, from students to experts interested in sharing projects and discussing real-world solutions.
  • Exclusive Text Analytics Content - Aug 10, 2011.
    as part of launch of West Coast Text Analytics Summit, Nov 10-11, San Jose, get free access to exclusive text analytics industry information.
  • Interview with Rapid-I Ingo Mierswa and Simon Fischer - Aug 12, 2011.
    Ajay Ohri interviews CEO, R&D Head of Rapid-I, makers of RapidMiner, a leading open-source suite for analytics and data mining. They talk about algorithms marketplace, extensions , big data analytics, hadoop, mobile computing and use of the graphical user interface in analytics.
  • Top news for Aug 7-13 - Aug 14, 2011.
    Sex, Lies and Data Mining; Machine Learning 202; DM exempt from UK copyright laws
    Top jobs: Data Analytics Specialist at BP, Houston, TX, USA; Predictive Modeling and Data Mining Scientists/Analysts at Obama 2012 Presidential Campaign, Chicago, IL;
  • Top news for Jul 31 - Aug 6 - Aug 7, 2011.
    New Poll: What Languages you used for data mining; Introduction to AI (free online course);
    Top jobs: Predictive Modeling/Data Mining Scientists at Obama 2012 Campaign; Sr. Software Engineer, AI, Machine learning, NLP at Amazon

Courses, Events


  • Aug 16, 9:30 PT: Mining Online Data Across Social Networks - Aug 9, 2011.
    free lecture by Jure Leskovec (Stanford) on approaches for tracking and predicting how information travels and mutates in online networks, based on collecting more than 20 million blog posts and news media articles per day.


  • Radoop - Like Yahoo Pipes for Hadoop - Aug 16, 2011.
    designed with a user interface in mind for big data analytics and machine learning over Hadoop.
  • First Look - JMP Pro - Aug 15, 2011.
    JMP is an all in-memory solution, focused on exploratory data analysis and visualization. R
  • JT on Oracle Data Mining Update - Aug 9, 2011.
    ODM is an in-database data mining and predictive analytics engine that allows you to build and use advanced predictive analytic models on data that can be accessed through your Oracle data infrastructure.


Academic/Research positions


  • KDD 2011 - Industry Practice Expo, San Diego, Aug 22-24 - Aug 3, 2011.
    top industry experts will present leading-edge applications of data mining and knowledge discovery in the areas of marketing, finance, healthcare, bio-informatics, public policy, infrastructure, telecommunications, social media and computational advertising.


  • Gartner: Social Analytics Reaches "Hype Peak" - Aug 15, 2011.
    Social Analytics is in the "Peak of Inflated Expectations", when a frenzy of publicity typically generates over-enthusiasm and unrealistic expectations. Predictive Analytics, on the other hand, is quite close to mainstream adoption.
  • Sex, Lies and Data Mining - Aug 7, 2011.
    The essence of this curious book is in its 11th chapter, which attempts to explain what the "Mona Lisa" has in common with Chicken McNuggets, vampire novels and the concluding scene of most pornographic videos.

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Audience Data Mining: Male, 30-45, Hybrid Car Owner, Early Adopter ... The Motherlode!  from Ad Exchanger Audience Data Mining

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