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KDnuggets™ News 11:n21, Aug 31

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  • New Poll: What do you call data mining? - Aug 30, 2011.
    Is it Business Analytics, BI, Data Science, Data Mining, KDD / Knowledge Discovery, Predictive Analytics, Statistics or something else? Please vote
  • Growing Need for "Big Data" Analysis Spurs Growth in KDD Conference - Aug 24, 2011.
    More than 1,100 experts who analyze "Big Data" gathered in San Diego for the industry's major conference on "Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining" (KDD) (22% increase over last year).
  • Predictive Analytics World NYC in 7 Weeks - Aug 30, 2011.
    $200 in Early Bird savings ending Sep 2. 7 reasons you don't want to miss Predictive Analytics World NYC, October 16-21, 2011.
  • Analytics 2011 Conference, Oct 24-25 - Aug 29, 2011.
    30% discount for KDnuggets subscribers. Find the latest trends at Analytics 2011. The agenda is now available.
  • Top news for Aug 21-27 - Aug 28, 2011.
    Poll Results: Top Languages for Data Mining/Analytics; The New Big Data;
    Top jobs: Research Internships at Yandex, Moscow, Russia; Big Data and Machine Learning Engineer at State, London, UK;
  • Top news for Aug 14-20 - Aug 21, 2011.
    Poll Results: Top Languages for Data Mining/Analytics; Radoop ~ Yahoo Pipes for Hadoop; Gartner "Hype Peak" for Social Analytics
    Top jobs: Statistical Analyst/Data Modeler at Quicken Loans; Data Analyst at eHarmony

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Academic/Research positions


  • The New Big Data - Aug 23, 2011.
    Big data is forcing researchers to find new techniques for knowledge discovery and data mining.
  • Analytics-as-a-Service: Understanding how Amazon.com is changing the rules - Aug 23, 2011.
    requires some serious heavy lifting and complex infrastructure. Enter the AWS cloud. The cloud offers some interesting value 1) on demand; 2) pay-as-you-go; 3) elastic; 4) programmable; 5) abstraction; and in many cases 6) better security.

News Briefs

  • Algorithms Tell Consumers When to Buy Tech Products - Aug 30, 2011.
    Sites help people find the balance between buying right away (and paying top dollar) and buying later (and possibly getting an outdated gadget).
  • Discovering fake reviews online - Aug 29, 2011.
    The computer was much more accurate than humans in detecting fake reviews (90% vs 60%). Humans are just bad at telling when people are lying.
  • The Big Data revolution: 5 startups mining the trend - Aug 27, 2011.
    Memeburn takes a look at five Silicon Valley startups and how they're looking to use Big Data.
  • HP buys Autonomy, focuses on analytics - Aug 20, 2011.
    Autonomy unstructured document management capabilities give HP the opportunity to build a "next generation information platform", according to HP CEO Apotheker. Analyst Tony Byrne criticized the move: "With Autonomy, HP is acquiring an aging technology base from a company that is little-loved by most of its customers".
  • VC invest In Cloud BI Platform GoodData - Aug 18, 2011.
    offers a cloud-based data analytics solution that is more cost-effective than similar products offered by IBM, SAP and Oracle. Companies can plug GoodData products into their own cloud-based SaaS products.

CFP - Calls for Papers


An engineer, a chemist and a statistician are staying in a hotel. The first night, a fire breaks out and wakes them up. The engineer gets up, grabs the fire extinguisher and puts out the fire. Later, they're all woken by another fire. The chemist thinks "the fire reaction requires oxygen", grabs a fire blanket and smothers the flames until they go out. Even later, the engineer and the chemist are woken by the statistician lighting a series of fires in the corner. "What are you doing?", they cry. Statistician replies - "Increasing the sample size"..
(thanks to 4D Pie Charts blog)

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