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KDnuggets™ News 11:n22, Sep 14

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  • New Poll: Is Data Science different from Statistics? - Sep 13, 2011.
    Please vote in KDnuggets poll: How different is "Data Science" from "Statistics" ?
  • Poll Results: What do you call analyzing data? - Sep 13, 2011.
    Data mining is still the most top term, but the 2nd most popular terms differ for Industry and Academia. The least common term is surprising. We also analyze the "bias" of each term with respect to usage in Industry.
  • Connecting with the Social Analytics Experts - Sep 7, 2011.
    Text Analytics News caught up with four analytics leaders who are helping connect and educate analytics professionals on the Web.
  • Interview with Eric Siegel - Why should you come to PAW NYC? - Sep 12, 2011.
    Predictive Analytics World is the leading and largest cross-vendor conference covering commercial deployment. There's nowhere else you'll find as much content and as many leading experts.
  • How to find data miners, analytics people, and data scientists - Sep 3, 2011.
    Do you want more friends that understand cross-validation error, overfitting and SVM?
  • Top news for Sep 4-10 - Sep 11, 2011.
    SAS vs R discussion; Top KDD references from the last 4 years;
    Top jobs: Predictive Modeler at Allstate Research/Planning Center; PhD Position in Medical Data Mining at Maastricht U.
  • Top news for Aug 28 - Sep 3 - Sep 4, 2011.
    New Poll: What do you call data mining? Fake reviews online; Big data revolution: 5 startups mining the trend;
    Top jobs: Operations Research Scientist at U. of Phoenix and Apollo Group; Data Mining Consultant/Scientist at BCBST
  • Top news, jobs in August - Sep 1, 2011.
    Poll Results: Top Languages for DM/Analytics; Free Stanford courses on AI, ML, DB;
    Top jobs: Statistical Analyst/Data Modeler at Quicken Loans, Detroit, MI; Research Internships at Yandex, Moscow, Russia;
  • Additions to KDnuggets in August - Sep 1, 2011.
    New companies, education, meetings, publications, software, solutions, blogs

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  • 6 companies doing big data in the cloud - Sep 9, 2011.
    Cloud computing and big data analytics are a match made in heaven. Several companies have already melded the two into a variety of unique services.
  • Top KDD references from the last 4 years - Sep 6, 2011.
    Gabor Melli analysis of KDD conference papers and what were most common citations.
  • SAS vs R discussion - Sep 6, 2011.
    one of the big differences between SAS and R is the size of the data sets each can accommodate. Out of the box, that size is limited by physical memory in R, while SAS, with virtual memory management, theoretically has no limits.
  • Data scientist: The hot new gig in tech - Sep 6, 2011.
    Companies that want to make sense of all their bits are hiring so-called data scientists - if they can find any.
  • Free ebook: Big Data Now - Sep 2, 2011.
    covers data-related content published on O'Reilly Radar over the last year. Mike Loukides kicked things off in June 2010 with "What is data science?" and from there we've pursued the various threads and themes that naturally emerged.
  • Study: Most firms say business analytics boosts decision-making process - Sep 2, 2011.
    Most enterprises seek solutions to big issues with business analytics, per Bloomberg Businessweek survey sponsored by SAS
  • Lies, damn lies and data mining algorithms - Aug 31, 2011.
    excessive use of data mining can undermine the entire industry; Segmenting risk in insurance eventually destroys the possibility to spread risk equitably. Similar danger exists in other industries.

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