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KDnuggets™ News 11:n23, Sep 28

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  • Poll Results: How different is "Data Science" from "Statistics"? - Sep 27, 2011.
    The vote average was 46% difference, about halfway between between "Mostly" and "Partly" different. Interestingly, there were significant disparities by region.
  • Predictive Analytics World October 2011 in New York - Sep 27, 2011.
    Reasons to attend Predictive Analytics World - view sample sessions; 9 Predictive & Text Analytics Workshops and more.
  • SAS Analytics 2011 Conference, Oct 24-25, Orlando - Sep 23, 2011.
    get 30% KDnuggets discount on SAS Analytics 2011 Conference. Join hundreds of attendees and learn from experts about data mining, forecasting, fraud detection, text mining, data visualization, predictive modeling and more.
  • Save Statistical Abstract of the United States - Sep 17, 2011.
    published by US Census Bureau, its funding in danger of being cut, although it is the authoritative and comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the US. You can support its continuing existence - see how.
  • Top news for Sep 18-24 - Sep 25, 2011.
    New Book: Data Mining with Rattle and R; Academic Prices for DM Software;
    Top jobs: Data Scientist at Intuit; Data Mining Analyst at Waterfront International
  • Top news for Sep 11-17 - Sep 18, 2011.
    New Poll: Data Science vs Statistics? What do you call analyzing data?
    Top jobs: Researcher - Recommender Systems, Predictive Analytics at Ericsson NM Lab, Ireland; Business Leader, Fraud Investigation at MasterCard, Purchase, NY or St. Louis, MO;

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  • Six Provocations for Big Data - Sep 25, 2011.
    Do numbers speak for themselves? We believe the answer is NO. Sweeping dismissal of all other theories and disciplines reveals an arrogant undercurrent in many Big Data debates where all other forms of analysis can be sidelined.
  • New Book: Data Mining with Rattle and R - Sep 20, 2011.
    With a focus on the hands-on end-to-end data mining process, the book guides the reader using open source Rattle software built on R platform.
  • New Book: Feature Selection and Ensemble Methods for Bioinformatics - Sep 19, 2011.
    machine learning applications for gene expression based cancer classification (many features but few data instances), including feature/gene selection, classifier ensembles, and classification performance evaluation for small-sample size problems.
  • Building data science teams - Sep 16, 2011.
    DJ Patil on Data science teams and the origin of "data scientist" term.
  • Global Warming Prediction Project: What Drives Global Warming? - Sep 15, 2011.
    a nonlinear dynamic interdependent system model of 6 variables that describes and predicts global warming till October 2017; entirely learned from observational data.

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The US statistical abstract was the most important source of data and statistics for 133 years. Save it from a misguided budget cut - see Save the US Statistical Abstract! FB group.

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