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KDnuggets™ News 12:n03, Feb 8

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Courses, Events


  • The Koblenz Network Collection - Feb 3, 2012.
    KONECT is a project to collect large network datasets to support research in the area of network mining. KONECT has over 100 datasets from sources such as arXiv, Amazon, Digg, DBLP, Enron, Flickr, Twitter, and Youtuve. KONECT also provides code to generate network datasets from the Web.
  • Microsoft plan for Hadoop and big data - Jan 28, 2012.
    Hadoop is a central part of Microsoft data strategy. Eventually, Microsoft wants to create a purely open source Hadoop on Windows.
  • Big Data Tools: HPCC vs Hadoop - Jan 27, 2012.
    Four key factors that differentiate HPCC from Hadoop: HPCC Enterprise Control Language, Roxie Delivery Engine, Enterprise Ready, and Beyond MapReduce
  • James Taylor First Look - Zementis Update - Jan 27, 2012.
    Zementis has a vendor-neutral approach to modeling based on PMML, with four deployment options: ADAPA for RT decision making as a cloud, embedded or server deployment, and Universal in-DB PMML Plug-in. Zementis is also at the forefront of the one of the main debates about PMML.


Academic/Research positions




  • On Big Data Analytics: Interview with Florian Waas, EMC/Greenplum. - Feb 7, 2012.
    With terabytes, things are actually pretty simple - most conventional databases scale to terabytes these days. However, scaling to petabytes is a whole different ball game.
  • Analytics Magazine: Focus on Healthcare - Feb 3, 2012.
    The current issue of INFORMS Analytics Magazine (Jan/Feb) focuses on healthcare analytics. Why embrace of analytics is crucial to the paradigm shift from "volume" to "value" and more.
  • Social Media Analytics Expert Interviews, part 2 - Feb 1, 2012.
    Interview covers important social media analytics topics from POV of service providers, including insights into their customers, what they currently know, and what they still need to learn about social analytics.
  • Big Data is More Than Hadoop - Jan 30, 2012.
    Recent findings from Ventana benchmark research on Big Data are illuminating. Over half the participating organizations process more than 10 terabytes of data.

News Briefs

CFP - Calls for Papers


With terabytes, things are actually pretty simple. However, scaling to petabytes is a whole different ball game.

Florian Waas, EMC/Greenplum

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