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KDnuggets™ News 12:n04, Feb 15

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  • KDnuggets Day: Feb 13 is the 15th anniversary of KDnuggets - Feb 13, 2012.
    I feel lucky to be able to cover such an exciting, growing field. The buzzwords have changed from Knowledge Discovery to Data Mining to Predictive Analytics to Data Science, but the essence has remained.
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms, 2012 - Feb 14, 2012.
    In 2011, business users continued to exert significant influence over BI decisions, often choosing data discovery products in addition to/as alternatives to traditional BI tools. Oracle, Microstrategy, Microsoft, and IBM are on the leading edge in the latest Magic Quadrant, followed by Information Builders, QlikTech, SAS, and SAP.
  • Top news for Feb 5-11 - Feb 12, 2012.
    Top influencers in Big Data, Analytics, and Data Mining; New Poll: Analytics/DM Salary; Anonymized data not so anonymous
    Top jobs: Data Science Positions for PhDs, Students and a Chief Algo. Officer at Accretive Health, Chicago; Data Scientist at Resonate, Reston, VA.

Courses, Events



  • First Look - Oracle Advanced Analytics - Feb 13, 2012.
    New Oracle database option bundles Oracle R Enterprise and Oracle Data Mining. There is no need for modelers to write SQL - they can just write R code and manipulate the data in the database.
  • Start-ups help users price their personal data - Feb 13, 2012.
    A number of start-ups allow people to take control and possibly profit from their personal data they leave on the Internet. A study showed that a unique user was worth $4 to Facebook and $24 to Google.
  • Omniscope and R - Feb 12, 2012.
    Steve Miller reviews Omniscope DataExplorer (data discovery & analysis) and DataManager (ETL tool), and especially likes its interoperability with R.
  • Big Data Insights: Traackr migration from HBase to MongoDB - Feb 11, 2012.
    Traackr engineer talks about evolution of their data storage needs from Apache HBase to MongoDB and what lessons they learned along the way.


Academic/Research positions


  • KDD-2012 Call for Demonstrations / Exhibits - Feb 14, 2012.
    We encourage demos that focus on new technology and early prototypes, but will also be interested in submissions based on mature systems with experimental features and functionalities. Short proposals due Apr 6.
  • Sentiment Analysis for Business, Finance, and Social Media, May 8, New York - Feb 10, 2012.
    The Symposium bridges technology and business in one of the most exciting applications to emerge in recent years: software that discovers business value in opinions and attitudes in social media, news, and enterprise feedback.


News Briefs

  • Big Data for Higher Education - Feb 12, 2012.
    New students are more likely to drop out of online colleges if they take full courseloads than if they enroll part time, according to findings from a research project that analyzed data on 640,000 students. The data can enable the colleges to become Match.com for Higher Ed.
  • Customer Analytics: A New Lifeline for the Red Cross and Other Nonprofits? - Feb 11, 2012.
    Red Cross and Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative (WCAI) are working with 6 teams of researchers, including IBM Watson, who will analyze data and help Red Cross find its best potential donors.
  • Birst Lowers Hadoop Adoption Barrier - Feb 10, 2012.
    Birst has lowered the Hadoop adoption barrier by letting users treat Big Data like an ordinary data set and ask it a broad set of questions. A company now only needs a half-a-developer to do the work, not a handful.
  • Microsoft researchers say anonymized data isn't so anonymous - Feb 9, 2012.
    Web log data such as can identify individual machines. HTTP user-agent information alone can identify the host 62% of the time, and with the IP address accuracy jumps to 81%.

CFP - Calls for Papers


"After Eisenhower, you couldn't win an election without radio. After JFK, you couldn't win an election without television. After Obama, you couldn't win an election without social networking. I predict that in 2012, you won't be able to win an election without big data."

O'Reilly Radar big data columnist Alistair Croll.

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