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KDnuggets™ News 12:n28, Dec 12

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Courses, Events



  • Sentiment Analysis Symposium Videos, Call for Speakers - Dec 1, 2012.
    The Call for Speakers is open for the next Sentiment Analysis Symposium, slated for May 8, 2013 in New York and covering solutions that measure and exploit emotions, attitudes, and opinions in online, social, and enterprise sources. Check FREE videos of presentations and panels from the October, 2012 symposium in San Francisco.


Academic/Research positions


  • PAN: Plagiarism detection, Author Id, Author Profiling competitions - Dec 11, 2012.
    Three competitions: Given a document, is it an original? Given a document, who wrote it? Given a document, what's its author's age / gender?
  • Skytree Contest: What is Your Big Data Problem? - Dec 7, 2012.
    kytree Launches "What's Your (Big Data) Problem?" contest designed to push the envelope of Data Science with Machine Learning. The winner received a free Skytree Server valued at $100K. Five Runners up will receive free machine learning consulting.
  • Innocentive: Change from Curative to Preventive Products - Dec 4, 2012.
    Ideation contest to help promote word of mouth recommendations to help people move from on-demand products that address an existing problem to longer acting preventative products.
  • GE Hospital Quest on Kaggle - Dec 3, 2012.
    General Electric (GE) is sponsoring a big competition on Kaggle: Hospital Quest, to improve the patient experience.
  • GE Flight Quest on Kaggle - Dec 3, 2012.
    General Electric (GE) is sponsoring a big new competition on Kaggle: Flight Quest, to help make flying more efficient and more on time


News Briefs

  • New sales for SAS data mining software up 28% - Dec 11, 2012.
    SAS is riding the big data wave, with new sales up 28%. Examples include American Honda, Hyundai Motor Company and Shanghai General Motors which use SAS to detect emerging quality issues and improve customer satisfaction. SAS is also used at 80 global government entities, the 15 US federal depts and all 50 US state governments.
  • Marketing Analytics Increase Return on Assets by 8% - Dec 3, 2012.
    Fortune 1000 companies using marketing analytics improve their return on assets an average 8% and as much as 21%.
  • Radoop Team wins hack/reduce hackathon in Boston (c comments) - Nov 29, 2012.
    A report on Boston first hack/reduce hackathon from the winning Radoop team. What did they find by clustering 25 GB dating profiles and why "Half Your Age Plus 7 Rule" is only half valid.
  • SAP Predictive Analysis Software - Nov 28, 2012.
    It provides an intuitive, easy-to-use environment for designing predictive models, data manipulation tools, visualization with embedded SAP Visual Intelligence software, and more.

CFP - Calls for Papers


Enjoy 12/12/12 - the last triple date of this century !

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