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Predixion Software Introduces Interface to Access and Run R Models in the Cloud

Predixion Insight(tm) - low-cost, self-service, cloud predictive analytics solution, offers plug-in for direct access to the R open-source statistical programming language

Predixion Over Two Million R Users Can Now Use, Reuse and Share Statistical Models and Reporting via Predixion's Low-Cost, Collaborative Predictive Analytics Platform

Nov 9, 2010 SEATTLE - (BUSINESS WIRE) - Predixion Software today announced a new plug-in that provides Predixion Insight™, the company's low-cost, self-service in the cloud predictive analytics solution, direct access to the R open-source statistical programming language and its more than two million users and thousands of legacy predictive and statistical models. R customers can now use, reuse and share statistical and predictive models via Predixion's collaborative predictive analytics platform while also gaining seamless access to Microsoft's business intelligence (BI) platform. The announcement was made at PASS Summit 2010, the premier conference for SQL Server professionals, where Predixion Software is demonstrating the new functionality in booth #228.

By linking R to Predixion Insight, users can take the predictive models they've already created with R and make them available to the rest of the organization easily and cost-effectively. The new Predixion plug-in enables R users to score any of their statistical models in the cloud from within Predixion Insight, compare those models to those created by Predixion Insight, and share the results within Microsoft Excel® and SharePoint®. R users now have a cost-effective way to bring analysts and less technical information workers into the power of predictive analytics using R.

"Predixion Software has developed some innovative cloud-based predictive analytic technology which includes tools from which to load Excel data and build predictive models," said James Taylor, one of the leading experts in decision management and CEO of Decision Management Solutions. "Thanks to its support of PMML, Predixion is not only able to consume predictive models built in the major commercial data mining tools such as SAS and SPSS, but also provides an avenue to make open source R models available to the Excel user base. It brings the power of the open source research community to an on-demand cloud-based environment."

Leveraging Legacy Applications

Predixion's R plug-in is an enhancement to Predixion PMML Connexion™, a tool that enables companies to leverage their significant investments in legacy predictive analytics solutions. The Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) standard allows for true interoperability, offering a mature standard for moving predictive models seamlessly between platforms. Predixion has fully integrated this PMML functionality into Predixion Insight, meaning Predixion Insight users can now effortlessly import PMML-based predictive models, enabling information workers to score the models in the cloud from anywhere and publish reports using Excel and SharePoint.

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