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KDnuggets™ News 10:n15, Jun 30

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  • Sr. Software Engineer (Data Mining) at Incentica, Los Angeles area, CA - Jun 27, 2010.
    Incentica is a social media and consumer research technology company focused on helping the largest brands find and reach consumers with increased precision. Looking for an entrepreneurial engineer, driving product direction as well as technology implementation.
  • Statistical Analyst at Netflix, Los Gatos, CA - Jun 25, 2010.
    seeking an outgoing, curious, interdisciplinary data expert to work as a statistician, data miner, and business analyst.
  • Data Quality Analyst at Microsoft, Redmond, WA - Jun 25, 2010.
    cause maximal disruption to Internet Abusers businesses. The Windows Safety Services team is looking for a unique person who can take the controls of the reputation, filtering, analysis, and intelligence systems we've been developing for the past five years and re-target them, on a daily basis, to cause maximal disruption to Internet Abusers' businesses.
  • Data Mining Scientist at Apple, Austin, TX - Jun 24, 2010.
    looking for an outstanding scientist to work on data mining solutions (designing, developing, and fielding) with direct and measurable impact to Apple.
  • Applied Researcher at Microsoft, Redmond, WA - Jun 24, 2010.
    help keep the Internet safe from Spam, phishing, malware, bots, and more - join the team of Applied Researchers responsible for it.
  • Software Development Engineer II at Microsoft, Redmond, WA - Jun 24, 2010.
    use sophisticated Data Mining algorithms to analyze security related info - e-mail spam, phishing, malware distribution, click fraud, botnets, etc. to make the result more valuable than the sum of the parts.
  • Software Development Engineer in Test at Microsoft, Redmond, WA - Jun 24, 2010.
    you are a developer who likes to break things. You strive for quality and are focused in improving issues around performance, stress, security, reliability, and more.
  • Sr. Data Analyst at First Data, Coral Springs, FL or Melville, NY - Jun 23, 2010.
    focus on integrating analytics with credit/risk; participate in the development and integration of analytics (e.g., credit scorecards, predictive models, data mining and general statistical analysis) within the credit/risk management organization

Academic/Research positions


  • BBC More or Less: Pay gap trap [Podcast] - Jun 24, 2010.
    Women do earn less than men. But how much less? And why? We turn to the latest and best research to explore why measuring and explaining the gender pay gap is far more difficult than many think.


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