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KDnuggets™ News 12:n09, Apr 19

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  • New Poll: Largest Dataset You Analyzed / Data Mined? - Apr 18, 2012.
    New KDnuggets Poll is asking: What was the largest database / dataset you analyzed? Please vote
  • Target hears you said yes, before you do - Apr 9, 2012.
    A woman received an envelope from Target at her parents house, which said: Congratulations, WE HEARD YOU SAID "Yes". Very awkward results. Should Target and similar companies stay away from personal life?
  • Predictive Analytics World Chicago - June 25-26, 2012 - Apr 18, 2012.
    Be part of the leading event featuring over 40 sessions, hands-on workshops, unlimited networking, access to top solution providers, and a whole lot more. KDnuggets discount - see details.
  • Video Series: Big Data and Predictive Analytics - Apr 17, 2012.
    Watch this video series to learn more about Predictive Analytics Drivers & Benefits, Operationalizing Analytics, Predictive Analytics in the Cloud, and more.
  • Ranking Data Scientists and Data Miners - Apr 11, 2012.
    We look at ranking of Data Scientists according to Kaggle competitions, LinkedIn skills, Online influence, and Research publications.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets last week - Apr 16, 2012.
    ECML/PKDD Challenge; R programmer looks at Julia; Netflix opens up - why $1M Netflix Prize algorithm was not implemented; Ranking Data Scientists and Data Miners.
  • Top news for Apr 8-14 - Apr 15, 2012.
    Python in Big Data; Target hears you said yes
    Top jobs: Manager, Adv. Analytics at Orbitz; Statistician at Enterprise
  • Top KDnuggets tweets last week - Apr 11, 2012.
    Can Python swallow the elephant (Hadoop)? Target prediction - awkward results, again! Julia - the best from Python, R, Perl, C?; NPR on massive data mining.
  • Top news for Apr 1-7 - Apr 8, 2012.
    Top 10 in Data Mining; Skeptical of Machine Learning; NPR on Massive Data Mining. Top jobs: Data Scientist, Trulia; Dir. Predictive Analytics, Rezolve Group.

Courses, Events


  • Webcast: Predictive Analytics New Options, with Sybase and KDnuggets - Apr 6, 2012.
    Gregory Piatetsky of KDnuggets and Joydeep Das of Sybase examine how Sybase IQ facilitates three approaches: the traditional "pull" model, a newer "push" model where much of the heavy lifting takes place in the database; and a novel hybrid model that leverages Hadoop. Watch recording and slides


  • Aberdeen report finds KXEN is faster, more accurate - Apr 13, 2012.
    Aberdeen Group report indicate that KXEN InfiniteInsight(tm) helps customers to build and refresh models faster, helping marketing be more productive and improve targeting effectiveness.
  • James Taylor on SAS High-Performance Analytics appliances - Apr 10, 2012.
    SAS HPA is appliance-ready software that uses hardware from database partners (Teradata or EMC Greenplum) for high performance data exploration, model development and model deployment and scoring.
  • Python in Big Data - Apr 9, 2012.
    What Python has to offer to the world of Big Data, specific use-cases, and interaction between a python and an elephant (Hadoop).
  • Kontagent kSuite DataMine - Apr 9, 2012.
    Kontagent kSuite DataMine is a SaaS offering that enables analysts to use Hive-powered, SQL-like queries to get data out of a Hadoop deployment.
  • James Taylor First Look: Pervasive RushAnalyzer - Apr 5, 2012.
    RushAnalyzer is a combination of the KNIME data mining workbench and Pervasive DataRush, a platform for parallelization and automatic scaling of data manipulation and analysis.
  • DEAP 0.8: Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Python - Apr 4, 2012.
    a library for doing Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Python. You can download it here.


Academic/Research positions



  • Data Science Summit keynote announced - Apr 18, 2012.
    Attend EMC Data Science Summit (May 22-23, Las Vegas) - check extraordinary agenda and speaker lineup. Keynote speaker Nate Silver, a leading political and sports analyst, debunks the myths of prediction. Respond by Apr 20 to reserve your space!
  • SAS Analytics 2012, June 14-15, Cologne, Germany - KDnuggets discount - Apr 18, 2012.
    KDnuggets subscribers receive an exclusive discount! Join hundreds of your peers and the brightest minds in analytics for two days at the Third Annual Analytics 2012 Conference in Cologne, Germany.
  • Data 2.0 Summit Wrap-up - Apr 13, 2012.
    The main themes were Big Data, Social Data, and Cloud Data. Some take-aways included how crowd-sourcing can be more effective than algorithms, NoSQL technologies, Personal Data Innovation, and Data Content versus Data Infrastructure struggle. Watch the videos from the summit.
  • Business Analytics Innovation Summit Chicago, May 23-24 - Apr 11, 2012.
    A place for business analytics leaders to meet, show their expertise and share experiences on the challenges of business analytics and BI.


  • NPR: The New World of Massive Data Mining - Apr 6, 2012.
    Tom Gjelten and a panel of experts discuss the opportunities of Massive Data Mining for business, science, medicine, education, and security - and the privacy concerns.
  • Text Analytics Insider Podcasts: Part III - Apr 5, 2012.
    These podcasts, recorded at the recent Text Analytics Summit West, cover important topics, such as employing the cloud for efficient content analytics, and using text analytics to drive the customer experience.

News Briefs

  • Pitney Bowes Portrait Explorer - Apr 17, 2012.
    Portrait Explorer brings powerful data analytics to business users, with innovative interface designed to look, feel and behave like apps marketers use in their personal life.
  • PAKDD 2012 Distinguished Contribution and Influential Paper Awards - Apr 13, 2012.
    The Distinguished Contribution Award goes to Prof. Huan Liu of ASU. The Most Influential Paper went to a paper on enhancing effectiveness of outlier detections. The awards will be presented at PAKDD 2012, Kuala Lumpur, 29 May - 1 June.
  • TIBCO ActiveSpaces to Analyze Big Data in Motion - Apr 12, 2012.
    ActiveSpaces is a distributed peer-to-peer memory data grid. Its "shared nothing" approach helps overcome database and storage bottlenecks, and to harness digital, social and event streams.

CFP - Calls for Papers


"If all data was clear, a lot fewer people would subtract value from the world, A lot more people would add value."

Gilad Elbaz, founder of Factual Startup

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