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Data 2.0 Summit Wrap-up

The main themes were Big Data, Social Data, and Cloud Data. Some take-aways included how crowd-sourcing can be more effective than algorithms, NoSQL technologies, Personal Data Innovation, and Data Content versus Data Infrastructure struggle. Watch the videos from the summit.


Data 2.0 Summit The themes for the Data 2.0 Summit (Apr 3, 2012, San Francisco) were Big Data, Social Data, and Cloud Data. The summit aimed to explore how innovations in Cloud Data are making information more accessible- and what types of businesses can be built on top of the web of data.

Some take-aways from the summit:

  • Jim Fowler, founder of Jigsaw.com told his war stories on how crowd-sourcing one specific high-value data set can create more value than aggregating or mining the traditional concept of "Big Data"
  • Big Data Executives from Vertica, DataStax (Cassandra), 10gen (MongoDB), and CitrusLeaf spoke about the specifications of new Big Data and NoSQL technologies
  • Personal Data Innovation has become a larger concept than last year's topics around Data Privacy due to the rise of personal data management apps like Singly, Qnary, and BrandYourself
  • "The Data Revolution" is not just a matter of Data Content (Data-as-a-Service, Data Markets, Data Publishers) versus Data Infrastructure (NoSQL, Hadoop, Platform-as-a-Service) since companies like Microsoft, DataSift, and InfoChimps are offering both infrastructure and content to create additional customer value
The Data 2.0 team is interested to see where "Platform-as-a-Service" and "Data-as-a-Service" intersect in the cloud data economy, since we are witnessing dozens of companies across multiple industries innovate on which model will truly scale into mainstream markets.

You can watch the Data Summit videos at


Next big event planned by Data 2.0 team is
Data 2.0 Labs, Sep 21-27, 2012, San Francisco.

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