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  • Nov 7-9, Multilevel Modeling of Hierarchical and Longitudinal Data Using SAS®, Catherine Truxillo, Ph.D., or Chris Daman, SAS. Chicago, IL, USA.
  • Nov 9, Deep Learning, taught by Dr. Alan Blair (professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the Univ of New South Wales and his research speciality is in the area of neural nets, deep learning and robot navigation) and Dr. Nitin Indurkhya (author of Emerging Trends in Predictive Text Mining) - understand the basic concepts underlying the representations and methods in deep learning and see some applications where deep learning is most effective. (Repeats May 10, 2019). Required course for Programming for Data Science Certificate: Python (experienced). Use promo code kdnuggets18 for $50 discount. 4 weeks, online at Statistics.com.

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