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  • New Poll: Selling your personal data? - Mar 1, 2011.
    Behavioral advertising mines personal data for better ad targeting, but potentially invades privacy. One proposed solution is to allow people to opt-in - sell their personal data to advertisers, in exchange for direct payment. Are you willing to do that?
  • Poll Results: Analytics / Data Mining Salaries up in 2011 - Feb 28, 2011.
    $113,000 is the avg. salary for a US analytics/data mining professional, up about 10% from 2010. Salaries also went up in W. Europe, Asia, and Latin American regions.
  • KDD Cup 2011: Recommending Music in Yahoo! - Feb 18, 2011.
    The KDD Cup contest releases over 300 million ratings performed by over 1 million anonymized users. The ratings are given to different types of items-songs, albums, artists, genres-all tied together within a known taxonomy.
  • Predictive Analytics World Kicks Off in Less Than 2 Weeks in San Francisco - Mar 1, 2011.
    Predictive Analytics World, Mar 14-15 in San Francisco. Keynotes from leading experts, full-day workshops, and over 40 sessions.
  • Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery - Mar 1, 2011.
    features a unique hybrid publishing model that's as comprehensive as a major reference, as current as a journal, and much more. First issue online - free access
  • Additions to KDnuggets in February - Mar 1, 2011.
    New Companies, Datasets, Education, Meetings, Publications, Software, and Blogs
  • Most viewed news, jobs in February - Mar 1, 2011.
    Free Public Datasets; New Poll: Data Miners Salary;
    Top jobs: DB Marketing Analyst at IBM; Data Mining Specialist at Apple.
  • Most viewed items for Feb 20-26 - Feb 28, 2011.
    Free Public Datasets; Visualize your data in the Google Data Explorer;
    Top jobs: Data Mining Specialist at Apple; Postdoc fellows at IBM Watson Research Center;
  • Most viewed items for Feb 13-19 - Feb 20, 2011.
    Free Public Datasets; New Poll: Annual Income/Employer type;
    Top jobs: CMU Research Fellowships in Machine Learning and Data Mining at U. of Porto, Portugal, Porto, Portugal; Database Marketing Analyst at IBM, Anywhere, US;

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  • Data 2.0 Conference: April 4, 2011, San Francisco - Feb 23, 2011.
    What do Netflix, healthcare predictions and Data.gov have in common? They solve big problems with online data. The Data 2.0 Conference is about finding these solutions. Get 20% off registration with KDnuggets discount
  • Social Media and VOC at The Text Analytics Summit - Feb 21, 2011.
    The Text Analytics Summit, May 18-19, in Boston is set to attract more than 200 senior-level executives from a multitude of industries that use or will soon use text analytics in their business practices.


  • Data Mining Misconceptions #2: How Much Data - Feb 28, 2011.
    Before diving into a data mining project, an organization must consider whether it has the quantity and quality of data necessary to produce a successful predictive model.
  • Data Mining Research Interview: Roberto Battiti - Feb 28, 2011.
    After reading the first chapters of Reactive Business Intelligence, I was suprised: what a clear way of presenting complex topics! I thus decided to ask a few question to one of the author, Roberto Battiti
  • Behind the Information Overload Hype - Feb 25, 2011.
    The digital avalanche isn't as massive as those numbers suggest. Much of the growth reflects the surge in high-resolution video and photos. In addition, while there is much more information available, each piece is being consumed, on average, by far fewer people than in the past.
  • Encyclopedia of Machine Learning - Feb 25, 2011.
    This comprehensive reference covers many key topics in machine learning with pointers to further reading
  • Trusting Data, Not Intuition - Feb 24, 2011.
    Businesses will learn harsh but valuable truths if they subject new ideas to controlled experiments, says Microsoft's Ronny Kohavi
  • Data Mining Fundamentals: Khabaza's 9 Laws of Data Mining - Feb 19, 2011.
    The heart of the data mining philosophy has been expressed best by a pioneer of data mining, Tom Khabaza, in his 9 Laws of Data Mining.
  • New Data Mining Books from Springer - Feb 19, 2011.
    Domain Driven Data Mining and Data Mining and Multi-agent Integration, from Springer
  • New Book: Behavioral Analytics for Anonymous Advertising Anywhere (A3) - Feb 15, 2011.
    A3 marketing is the convergence of offline and online data from websites, social networks and mobile devices and artificial intelligence software enabling advertisers and enterprises to monetize consumers behaviors - for the targeted placement of products, content or services via multiple channels - in a relevant and personal manner.

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