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KDnuggets™ News 11:n05, Feb 15

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  • New Poll: Annual Income/Employer type - Feb 13, 2011.
    New KDnuggets Poll is asking: What is your annual salary/income range and employer type? Please vote on www.kdnuggets.com
  • Poll Results: IBM to win in Jeopardy vs Humans - Feb 11, 2011.
    60% of KDnuggets readers expect IBM Watson computer to win, which would be a tremendous milestone for artificial intelligence.
  • PAW San Francisco in less than 4 weeks - Feb 14, 2011.
    Register now to take advantage of $200 savings for PAW San Francisco Conference, March 14-15.
  • 7th Annual Text Analytics Summit, May 18-19, Boston - Feb 14, 2011.
    As part of the exciting launch of the 7th Annual Text Analytics Summit (May 18-19, Boston), we are offering KD Nuggets subscribers (free) access to exclusive industry knowledge
  • Most viewed items for Feb 6-12 - Feb 13, 2011.
    Free Public Datasets; New site for data-related questions;
    Top jobs: Database Marketing Analyst at IBM, Anywhere, US; Data Analysis Consultant at Megaputer Intelligence, Bloomington, IN;
  • Most viewed items for Jan 30 - Feb 5 - Feb 6, 2011.
    Free Public Datasets; New Poll: Will IBM "Watson" defeat human Jeopardy Champions?;
    Top jobs: Postdoc Positions in Data Mining at U. of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia; Research Engineers at Yahoo! Labs within Barcelona Media, Barcelona, Spain;

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  • Data Mining and Survival Analysis Techniques - Feb 14, 2011.
    Look deeper into your data and make better informed business decisions with data mining experts Michael Berry or Gordon Linoff. Attend one of their upcoming classes and see how they have solved problems for customers around the world.
  • Transcend your competition with business analytics - Feb 14, 2011.
    Learn the latest trends, advances, and best practices surrounding business analytics through a series of Live Web classes from SAS®. Enjoy the classroom experience directly from your desktop.
  • Learn How Experts Mine Data - Feb 14, 2011.
    Leverage highly valuable and impactful insight from your existing data through an intensive course series with over 20 years of innovation. Apr 11-15 in Las Vegas; Jun 13-17 in New York, NY; Aug 15-19 in San Francisco, CA.
  • Bay area Machine Learning Courses - Feb 10, 2011.
    Machine Learning 102 will cover ensemble methods, unsupervised learning and fault detection. Machine Learning 202 covers several machine learning topics in detail.
  • Making Analysis Work for Business: 2-day UK Workshop - Feb 10, 2011.
    Improve your data analyst productivity and impact with this unique two day workshop,which focuses on the essential core soft skills of Communication, Planning and Presentation of Data.
  • statistics.com Q1 Courses on Data Mining, R, Visualization & more - Feb 4, 2011.
    online 4-week courses on Data Mining, Forecasting, R, Data Visualization, and more. 20% tuition discount for KDnuggets readers

Webcasts (see also All Webcasts)

  • Data Mining: Failure to Launch [ Free Webinar ] - Feb 14, 2011.
    a recent industry survey reports that 51% of data mining projects either never left the ground or did not bring value. Attend this webinar to learn how to succeed with data mining.

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  • ACM Data Mining Talks, Mountain View - Feb 10, 2011.
    ACM Bay area talks from Feb to Jun on Analytics and Data Mining, including 10 Tips on Building Analytics Solutions, Large-Scale Data Processing Workflows, Bayesian Statistical Reasoning, and Recycling Digital Exhaust for Fun
  • Agenda for 2011 Sentiment Analysis Symposium, April 12, New York - Feb 10, 2011.
    The symposium is a unique event that bridges technology and business in one of the most exciting applications to emerge in recent years: software that discovers business value in opinions and attitudes in social media, news, and enterprise feedback. Early-bird registration thru March 1.
  • Data 2.0 Conference, Apr 4, San Francisco - Feb 9, 2011.
    Learn from Google, Microsoft, SimpleGeo, Factual, and 50 other innovators about what's next in the world of data. KDnuggets readers
  • SBP11: Int. Conf. on Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling, & Prediction - Feb 8, 2011.
    Mar 29-31, College Park, MD - an opportunity for behavioral and social science researchers to come together with computational and computer scientists and other related disciplines and seeks to attract researchers, practitioners, program staff from federal agencies and graduate students



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What short game show was a giant milestone for artificial intelligence? IBM Jeopardy Challenge, first night played on Feb 14, 2011, showed amazing progress for computers, with Watson tied for first place against two human champions.

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