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KDnuggets™ News 11:n25, Oct 26

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  • New Poll: Methods/algorithms used in 2011 - Oct 25, 2011.
    Which methods/algorithms did you use for data mining/analytics in 2011? Please vote on www.kdnuggets.com
  • CrossValidated - Q/A site for statistical topics - Oct 25, 2011.
    Cross Validated is a site where people can ask and answer questions about statistical topics, part of the Stack Exchange network of community driven Q & A sites.
  • Predictive Analytics World London - one month to go! - Oct 25, 2011.
    One month before Predictive Analytics World London (30 Nov - 1 Dec) - meet the top experts and learn from latest case studies. Register now and save! Bigger savings when you bring a colleague.
  • Awareness, Opportunity and ROI in text analytics - Oct 21, 2011.
    This exclusive interview covers such topics as improving customer satisfaction, ROI analysis of text analytics projects, and emerging opportunities in the field.
  • Top news for Oct 16-22 - Oct 23, 2011.
    Judge forbids use of Bayes Theorem; If Data Were a Person; Habits of Highly Effective Data Professionals;
    Top jobs: Manager, Predictive Analytics and Optimization at Shopzilla, LA; Database Marketing Analyst at Stroll, Philadelphia;
  • Top news for Oct 9-15 - Oct 16, 2011.
    Judge forbids use of Bayes Theorem. Really?; How Obama's data-crunching prowess may get him re-elected;
    Top jobs: Data Mining Scientist at Apple; PhD students in Mobile Sensing/Data Mining at U. of Koblenz, Germany

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  • Data mining tools review - update - Oct 23, 2011.
    An updated Excel table with data mining tools from the paper by R. Mikut, M. Reischl: "Data Mining Tools". Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Sep/Oct 2011.
  • Vertica Analytic Database Free Community Edition (up to 1 TB) - Oct 20, 2011.
    the Vertica Community Edition software will be limited to 1 terabyte (wow !) of raw data, a three-node cluster size and Community Support only.
  • Oracle R Enterprise - Oct 17, 2011.
    enables users to run R commands on database-resident data, develop and refine R scripts, and leverage the parallelism and scalability of the database.
  • LIONsolver 2.0: modeling and optimization software - Oct 15, 2011.
    smart software to build models, visualize them, and optimize business and engineering processes, a powerful tool for data mining, modeling, problem solving and decision making.


Academic/Research positions


  • Don't Get Kicked Competition - Oct 16, 2011.
    how to avoid purchasing a used car at an auto auction that might have serious issues that will prevent it from being sold to customers.
  • Web Search Click Data workshop and competition (on Yandex data) - Oct 12, 2011.
    Workshop participants will get Yandex click log challenge dataset, and monetary prizes will be awarded to the winners. Of particular interest is the relation between click data and editorial relevance judgments
  • KDD Cup 2012 Call for Proposals - Oct 12, 2011.
    We invite proposals for KDD Cup 2012 competition, the well-known data mining competition held in conjunction with KDD-2012, the premier conference on data mining and knowledge discovery.



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