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Additions to KDnuggets in May

New consulting companies, datasets, education certificates, meetings, publications, software, analytics solutions for education

New entries for companies, datasets, education, meetings, publications, software, solutions.

In Companies » Cloud Analytics and SaaS

  • Precog, designed for developers who need to capture, enrich, and analyze data to power intelligent, insightful features inside their applications. Precog is ideal for doing advanced analytics, statistics, and predictive modeling across large, multi-structured data sets.

In Companies » Consulting

  • Custom Analytics Consulting provides high-level expertise in descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics: data-, text-, and web-mining, forecasting and classification models, optimization and numerical simulations. Orange County, CA.
  • Datascope Analytics, data-driven consulting and design company focused on transforming big data in real business value. Chicago, IL, USA.
  • Gmid Associates, provides analytical support in statistical analysis, data mining, and market research; provides outsourcing to many companies across the globe. New Delhi, India.
  • Origin World Labs creates the customized analytics models that optimize Pricing, Marketing and Operations for the best companies in Media, Entertainment, Travel, Hospitality, Retail and Services. Palmetto Bay, FL, USA.
  • simMachines, provides data science services based on similarity measures. Heredia, Costa Rica.

In Companies » Market Analysis

  • ReportsnReports.com, a growing online library of market intelligence and research studies, covering multiple industries and 5000+ sub-segments, allowing you to read report descriptions and TOC for free and offers samples, wherever feasible, to help you make your decision.

In Companies » Products

  • simMachines, provides the R-01 similarity search (k-nearest neighbor) engine, with high speed and zero tuning. We are the Berkeley DB of the Big Data era.

In Datasets

In Education » Certificates

In Education » Europe

In Education » Online and web-based

  • Class Central. a complete list of free online courses offered by Stanford's Coursera, MIT and Harvard led edX (MITx + Harvardx), and Udacity.

In Meetings

In Publications » Books, Professional

In Software » Suites

  • jHepWork, an interactive environment for scientific computation, data analysis and data visualization designed for scientists, engineers and students.

In Solutions » Data Cleansing and Cleaning

  • Experian QAS, leading provider of verification solutions for names, addresses, emails and phone numbers.

In Solutions » Education

  • Civitas Learning, a learning community bringing predictive analytics to higher education.
  • Knewton, adaptive learning platformTM brings personalized learning to students worldwide.

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