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The following companies provide customer-oriented data as well as data cleansing (cleaning) and matching services.
  • Acxiom, leading provider of data content and data management services.
  • AddressDoctor, address data cleansing for all countries; includes an interface for Microsoft Excel.
  • AMB Predictive Data Management (PDM) Suite, an integrated software suite designed for data quality solutions.
  • American Clearinghouse, consumer and business data solutions ranging from demographic searches to data mapping services.
  • Anchor Computer, providing address hygiene and other data cleaning solutions.
  • Astera ReportMiner enables users with no technical background to extract & transform data from virtually any report, and map and export data anywhere.
  • Blue Sheep, providing database deduplication, cleaning, enhancement and hygiene services for UK businesses for more than 20 years.
  • CAS, providing ConsumerVision, an aggregated database with demographic, behavioral and mortgage data.
  • CFT Data Integration.
  • Claritas Connect offers profiles of consumer and business markets.
  • CNM Limited, one of the UK's leading Data Cleansing companies, where quality matters.
  • comScore Networks, provides comprehensive information on Internet users, including buying behavior.
  • Credics Data Migration, solutions for financial industry.
  • Data Gardener, offering services like find and verify, financial evaluation, advanced search, start up, land registry data, LinkedIn profile, direct marketing, company near me, and many more. UK.
  • DataLab USA, Data processing services include USPS address standardization, National Change of Address (NCOA) services, de-duplication, merge/purge, scoring, and report generation.
  • DataFlux, provides Data Management solutions including Data profiling, Data quality, Data integration and Data augmentation.
  • Data Ladder, a leading provider of data cleansing software and services; also used for data mining, identifying fuzzy relationships between and within data sets, and for pattern recognition through a regex wizard.
  • DataMentors DATAFUSE™, a fully modular householding system that cleanses, organizes, standardizes, and preps your data.
  • DedupeYourData, online data deduplication tool for finding duplicates in Excel and data marketing lists.
  • Donnelley Marketing, offering list services and analytic services.
  • DQ Global, de-duplication, address correction, and other data quality services.
  • DQ Now AUDIT, compares data before and after a transformation to identify and categorize every changed value.
  • DQM GRC, one of UK's leading providers of data governance, e-privacy and GDPR compliance services.
  • Egon, data quality and address verification specialists.
  • Eminenture, performing web scraping and scrubbing to deliver business intelligence to diverse clients in 19+ countries across the world.
  • Emtech Data Solutions, providing data cleansing, data transformation, formatting to PAMSS standards and Consumer Database Cleaning to companies, call centres and CRM applications in South Africa.
  • Equifax, credit information services, payment services, software, modeling, analytics, consulting and direct-to-consumer services.
  • Experian UK, provides data and analytical tools, manages credit risk, prevents fraud, targets marketing offers and automates decision making.
  • Experian, Credit Services, Marketing Services, Automotive, and Consumer Direct.
  • Experian QAS, leading provider of verification solutions for names, addresses, emails and phone numbers.
  • GeoLab, popular data cleansing software and solutions for Italy.
  • Harte-Hanks, offering customer data management, multi-channel analytics, campaign management and real-time personalization.
  • helpIT systems data cleansing software, including dedupe and deduplication, merge purge, suppression, mailsort and addressing.
  • Informeta, provides Mentys, Bayesian-based software for assuring the integrity of mission-critical data.
  • KnowledgeExcelerator and KnowledgeAccess, data mining add-ins for Excel(TM) and Access(TM), provide automated access to the Acxiom Data Network (ADN)
  • MapInfo, provides geographical-based data and software.
  • Maptitude, mapping software with tools, maps, and data for analysis and understand how geography affects you and your business.
  • Northwest Database Services, data scrubbing, standardization, mailing list services and more.
  • PacificEast Data Corporation, provide data quality management services like phone append to keep contact lists clean and current.
  • Polk, premier provider of automotive information and marketing solutions.
  • PGBS: Pro Global business solutions provides high-quality data enrichment, data scrubbing, and data cleansing services to help improve quality of your data.
  • QAS, An Experian company, world leaders in address verification software.
  • QualifiedAddress, offers web-based address list processing and enhancement services.
  • Reach Analytics, provides data enrichment and predictive solutions for B2C companies, with proprietary software that produces reliable results.
  • Search Software America, the name search and matching software company.
  • Salesbroom, a data steward company providing data cleaning, enriching and migrating services for CRM.
  • StrategicDB offers analytical services and data cleaning services including de-duplication, data standardization/normalization and more.
  • Trillium Software, offers data quality tools and professional expertise to help you deliver accurate, timely data.
  • virtualousPRO provides most reliable data cleansing services which include data quality checks, de-duplication, data auditing and aggregation, data enrichment services at an affordable price.
  • WinPure, powerful data cleaning software, including duplication removal, email suggestions, statistics and more.


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