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Data Transformation, Data Cleaning, Data Cleansing Software

  • Ab Initio, provides high-performance software library and graphical environment for data transformation
  • AMADEA, data Extraction, Transformation, and Real Time Reporting software
  • AnalyticsCanvas, helps automate Google Analytics and Facebook insights dataflow, connects to various data sources, performs calculations and data transformations, and export data for storage and visualization.
  • analytixBASE, a self-service analytics software for business users to quickly and easily create reports and analysis without SQL knowledge, using an intuitive and visual work-flow interface.
  • Astera ReportMiner enables users with no technical background to extract & transform data from virtually any report, and map and export data anywhere.
  • BioComp iManageData(tm), Accesses, cleans, filters, converts and transforms data from files, Excel, Oracle, SQL Server, process control systems and more.
  • Blendo ETL-as-a-service platform, designed to support the integration of data from multiple SaaS applications and quickly loading into a data warehouse like Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift or Microsoft SQL Server.
  • COMGEN - Disk, tape and data conversion and data recovery experts, Commercial and General Systems.
  • Datadex provides an end-to-end data cleaning, data cataloging, data linking, data governance, data exchange, and data merging functionality. Our goal is Data Augmentation by leveraging existing data and increasing sample sizes or feature sets.
  • Data Ladder, offering Data Matching, Profiling, deduplication, and Enrichment software and services.
  • Data Manager, windows GUI application for data transformation and cleansing before data mining.
  • DataFlux, provides Data Management solutions including Data profiling, Data quality, Data integration and Data augmentation
  • DataPreparator, Java based tool to explore, manipulate, transform and prepare data using a graphical user interface.
  • Datamartist, allows large amounts of data from multiple sources to be combined together, enhanced and repaired without the need for database development.
  • Datatect, a powerful program for generating realistic test data to ASCII flat files or directly to RDBMS including Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, and Informix.
  • Dataskope, department-level tools to map, transform, alarm, output and view high volumes of binary or ASCII input data.
  • DQ Now, profiling, cleansing, and dedup tools, providing a clear view of the data
  • DQ Global, data cleansing, data management software, including de-duplication, merge/purge, address correction and suppression.
  • Easy Data Transform, with easy data blending, cleaning and reformatting for Windows and Mac.
  • FreeSight avoid "spreadsheet hell" with patented tools to simplify and automate data blending, cleansing, analysis and reporting.
  • GritBot, for identifying anomalies in data (compatible with See5 and Cubist).
  • Hummingbird ETL, powerful data integration solution.
  • MiningMart platform, for the preparation of relational data for Knowledge Discovery, free for research and non-commercial applications.
  • MoData technology platform aggregates, cleanses and generates analytic cubes from disparate ERP and CRP sources and provides a data science and insights delivery platform.
  • NewView from SPSS
  • OpenRefine (ex-Google Refine), a powerful tool for working with messy data, cleaning it, transforming it from one format into another, extending it with web services, and linking it to databases like Freebase.
  • Optimus, a Python framework for cleansing, preparing and exploratory data analysis in a distributed fashion with Apache Spark (Pyspark).
  • proMISS, imputes missing values in databases.
  • Relational Tools streamline application testing by allowing moving, editing and comparing referentially intact sets of complex relational data.
  • Sagent, provides a suite of data transformation and loading tools
  • The Software Bureau, providing Cygnus and SwiftSort innovative data quality software.
  • Syncsort, fast high-volume sorting, filtering, reformatting, aggregating, and more
  • The TrueData COMponent, functions to programmatically standardise your data, process it phonetically, and output a match key.
  • WinPure, powerful data cleaning software, including duplication removal, email suggestions, statistics and more.
  • Zoho DataPrep is an advanced self-service data preparation software offering a comprehensive solution to model, cleanse, prepare, enrich and organize large volumes of data from multiple data sources for downstream data analytics and data warehousing.


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