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Cloud Analytics and SaaS Providers

  •, offering API to embed popular machine learning algorithms into applications; R as a service.
  • Alpine Data Labs, helps you uncover the predictive analytic power of your Big Data.
  • Alteryx, easy-to-use cloud-based analytics platform for enterprise companies.
  • Aster Data/Teradata provides a MapReduce Platform which combines MapReduce, the language of big data analytics, with SQL.
  • BigML, offering Machine Learning for everyone.
  • bime, offering browser-based data mining and data visualization tools.
  • Bodais offers cloud data analysis and data mining, simple to control with each module composed of a single function.
  • Clario Analytics, offering on-demand business analytics platform with proprietary algorithms developed by leading engineers with years of hands-on analytic experience.
  • Cooladata, SaaS analytics and BI for online businesses on a single platform, including real-time behavioral analytics,
  • Coremetrics, outsourced data capture, storage and decision-support services.
  • Data Applied, offers web-based, user-centric, actionable data mining solutions.
  • Epsilon, Marketing Services Provider specializing in the strategic development and deployment of CRM solutions.
  • GPredictive provides out-of-the box customer models to help companies to improve their conversion rate for every marketing or sales activity.
  • Host Analytics, offers web-based forecasting, budgeting, reporting, and analysis applications.
  • Island Data, providing Insight RT for capturing customer feedback, and Concept Recognition Engine.
  • Kinetic Networks iFusion, a hosted business intelligence service which integrates and analyzes online and off-line business data.
  • Kognitio, the most mature and proven provider of in-memory analytical solutions, delivering high performance analytics to companies around the world.
  • Kontagent, offering kSuite User Analytics platform offering real-time behavioral insights for Social, Mobile and Web.
  • LityxIQ, an integrated, hosted, and easy-to-use solution for insights, intelligence, predictive modeling, and marketing optimization.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Data Mining via Cloud, works as Excel plugin or in Internet Explorer.
  • MicroStrategy Analytics Express, Software-as-a-Service meets world-class business analytics. Free for one year.
  • Narrator replaces your company star schema with one 11-column data model, which can generate any table for BI, reporting, and analysis. New York City, NY, USA.
  • offers an online IDE for data science programming and analysis with Python, Octave, R, and Julia, real-time collaboration and a repository of public projects.
  • Precog, designed for developers who need to capture, enrich, and analyze data to power intelligent, insightful features inside their applications. Precog is ideal for doing advanced analytics, statistics, and predictive modeling across large, multi-structured data sets.
  • Predixion Software offers easy to use Excel add-in and web tools for predictive analysis of Excel, PowerPivot or database data. Free developer edition.
  • Quadbase, data visualization, dashboards and custom solutions for machine learning, predictive analytics and AI applications in the cloud based on Azure ML, MS SQL Server, R services, R, and Python.
  • RecoMind, personalized recommendations at scale for retailers via SaaS.
  • RevenueScience (formerly Digimine), on-demand services that maximize eBusiness revenue.
  • Semantria, a user friendly text and sentiment analysis API with free Microsoft Excel text mining add-in.
  • SentimentBuilder, upload your file and visualize the results in a flow report to see trends, issues, and more. Free and paid plans.
  • Skytree, The Machine Learning Company®, offering a platform that gives organizations the power to discover deep analytic insights, predict future trends, make recommendations and reveal untapped markets and customers.
  • SQLstream award-winning streaming Big Data engine is a distributed SQL platform for real-time data management and operational intelligence.
  • Swift IQ, helps to unify data sources and make them accessible on-demand, offers Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS).
  • The Kini Group provides easy access to advanced business analytics and reporting through its award-winning flagship solution, KiniMetrix.
  •, offering an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for machine learning in the cloud. Berkeley, CA, USA.
  • Yottamine Analytics, provides scalable and highly accurate machine learning (SVM) based predictive models in the cloud. Pricing is based on usage.
  • Zementis, Inc., offers the ADAPA decision engine, a framework to deploy, integrate, and execute PMML-based predictive models, as a fully hosted service through Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).


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