10 GitHub Repositories to Master SQL

Learn SQL and databases through free courses, tutorials, tools, guides, books, practice exercises, projects, awesome lists, and other resources.

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Mastering SQL is an essential skill for anyone pursuing a career in IT, regardless of whether you aspire to be a developer, data scientist, IT manager, or machine learning engineer. Understanding how to effectively use SQL to access and manage databases is a fundamental requirement in today's data-driven world.

In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 GitHub repositories that can help you get started with SQL and database management and even take your skills to the next level. This list is for beginners and professionals who are looking to improve their data-handling skills.


1. SQL 101 by s-shemmee


The SQL 101 repository offers step-by-step tutorials, practical examples, and exercises. This guide is your gateway to mastering the basics and unlocking the power of data with SQL.

You will learn about querying data, modifying data, data types and constraints, joins and relationships, aggregation and grouping, subqueries and views, indexing and performance optimization, transactions and concurrency control, and advanced topics.


2. Learn SQL by WebDevSimplified


The Learn SQL repository provides a collection of practice exercises with solutions tailored for beginners. The 12 practice exercises will help reinforce learning and build confidence in handling SQL queries effectively. 


3. SQL Masterclass by datawithdanny


The SQL Masterclass is a comprehensive online course designed to take learners from beginner to advanced level in SQL skills. The repository provides a structured learning path with hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and quizzes to help students master the art of SQL querying and data analysis.


4. SQL Map by sqlmapproject


The sqlmap is an automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool, providing insights into the vulnerabilities of database systems. By learning this tool, you can streamline the process of testing database servers, gain valuable insights into database systems' vulnerabilities, and secure your server from unknown malicious attacks.


5. SQL Server Samples by Microsoft


The SQL Server Samples repository contains code samples for SQL Server, Azure SQL database, and other Microsoft database technologies, offering a wealth of learning resources and practical examples.


6. SQL Music Store Analysis Project by rishabhnmishra


The SQL Music Store Analysis is a beginner project that teaches how to analyze the music playlist PostgresQL database. It includes a YouTube tutorial on using the project and performing various data analyses using SQL queries.


7. Data Engineering Zoomcamp by DataTalksClub


The Data Engineering Zoomcamp offers an hands-on learning experience in data engineering, designed to equip students with practical skills through a mix of video tutorials, quizzes, projects, and peer assessments. 

The repository covers essential topics such as containerization and infrastructure as code, workflow orchestration, data ingestion, data warehousing, analytics engineering, batch, and streaming processing. 


8. SQL Server Kit by ktaranov


The SQL Server Kit repository is packed with useful links, blogs, vidoes, podcasts, courses, scripts, tools, and best practices for Microsoft SQL Server Database. It is a treasure trove for developers and engineers looking to optimize the SQL Server and learn about new SQL concepts.


9. Awesome DB Tools by mgramin


The Awesome DB Tools is a collection of both practical and cutting-edge tools that simplify working with databases for DBAs, DevOps, Developers, and everyday users.

The list includes IDEs, GUIs, CLIs, schemas, APIs, application platforms, backup, cloning, monitoring, testing, HA/failover/sharding, Kubernetes, configuration tuning, DevOps, reporting, distributions, security, SQL, and data management tools.


10. SQL for Wary Data Scientists by gvwilson


The SQL for Wary Data Scientists book offers an interactive introduction to SQL tailored for data scientists. It cover topics like administration command, aggregation, aggregation function, cross join, exclusive or, filter, full outer join, group, in-memory database, inclusive or, join, join condition, left outer join, null, query, right outer join, ternary logic, and tombstone.




These 10 GitHub repositories offer a wide range of materials, from beginner tutorials to advanced practice exercises and comprehensive courses. Learning SQL has become easy and free. All you need to do is work hard and stay persistent, and in no time, you will become a data professional. The resources mentioned in this blog will help you learn about new tools, build databases, access data, manage database systems, and perform data analysis. The content is not limited to text; you can also learn from interactive websites, books, video tutorials, and exercises.

Abid Ali Awan (@1abidaliawan) is a certified data scientist professional who loves building machine learning models. Currently, he is focusing on content creation and writing technical blogs on machine learning and data science technologies. Abid holds a Master's degree in technology management and a bachelor's degree in telecommunication engineering. His vision is to build an AI product using a graph neural network for students struggling with mental illness.