How to interview a Data Scientist

LinkedIn Director of Data Science, David Tunkelang, shares his Strata talk on how to interview a data scientist. Rule 2: No gotchas - they reduce the signal to noise ratio.

Feb 27, 2013. David TunkelangDavid Tunkelang, Director, Data Science at LinkedIn, shares his Strata Conference (Santa Clara, Feb 26-28, 2013) presentation on how to interview a data scientist.

The main takeaways:

1. Keep it real.

  • Avoid whiteboard coding. Filter with FizzBuzz.
  • Use real-world algorithms questions.
  • Ask candidates to design your products.

2. No gotchas.

  • Gotchas reduce the signal-to-noise ratio.

3. Maybe = no.

  • Bad hires suck. Be conservative.
  • Trust your team.

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