Text and Social Analytics Summit, Boston, June 2013

Discuss text analytics strategy with Merck, RingCentral, IDC and Emblem Health and see which other industry leaders will be at 11th Text and Social Analytics Summit in Boston, June 5-6.

Text and Social Analytics NewsText and Social Analytics Summit
Boston, MA, June 5-6, 2013

On June 5-6 in Boston, companies like Merck, Emblem Health, Ancestry.com, IDC, RingCentral and many more will share their Text & Social Analytics insights at the 11th Annual Text & Social Analytics Summit. The engaging conversation, led by our conference chair Seth Grimes, will show you how to unlock the potential of text and social data to improve customer insights and drive commercial success.

For a complete overview of the most in-depth sessions and current confirmed speakers for the Text Analytics Summit download your e-brochure here.

  • Get the technology right: Discover how to identify and implement the best text analytics tools for your company's specific needs
  • Unified Information Access: Use text analytics to integrate unstructured and structured data for deeper, more accurate insights
  • Sentiment Analysis: One of the biggest ongoing issues standing between you and maximizing ROI from unstructured data. Find out the latest developments in this key area of text analytics.
  • Make the business case: Understand how to exceed expectations by aligning text and social analytics to your business goals
  • Maximizing Your Impact: How do you really get the most out of your text and social analytics initiatives? Hear success stories from companies that have made it pay

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Should you have any questions, or wish to discuss, do not hesitate to reach out.

I look forward to welcoming you to Boston this June.

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