Kaggle Competition and Tutorial: Facial Keypoints Detection

Identify the key points in facial images that vary by many different factors. This competition also provides a benchmark dataset and R Tutorial to get going on facial image analysis.

Facial Keypoints DetectionFacial Keypoints Detection

The objective of this task is to predict keypoint positions on face images. This can be used as a building block in several applications, such as:

  • tracking faces in images and video
  • analysing facial expressions
  • detecting dysmorphic facial signs for medical diagnosis
  • biometrics / face recognition

Detecing facial keypoints is a very challenging problem. Facial features vary greatly from one individual to another, and even for a single individual, there is a large amount of variation due to 3D pose, size, position, viewing angle, and illumination conditions. Computer vision research has come a long way in addressing these difficulties, but there remain many oppurtunities for improvement.

This getting-started competition provides a benchmark data set
and an R tutorial to get going on analysing face images.

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