@kdnuggets Voted the Best Big Data Twitter Account

The Big Data Republic judges voted for the must-follow tweeters from the #BigData100 list, and the top accounts were @kdnuggets, @kirkdborne, @revodavid, @hmason, and @sethgrimes. See the full list

Here are the top vote getters for the best Twitter accounts covering Big Data, selected from #bigdata100 PeerIndex ranked list by Big Data Republic judges:

Gregory Piatetsky, KDnuggets - #1 Big Data Twitter Account

1. Gregory Piatetsky, @kdnuggets

Our clear winner, @kdnuggets (a.k.a. Gregory Piatetsky), finished No. 2 on the original PeerIndex Ranked list. Judge Gil Press said simply of Gregory, "been there, done that," showing there really isn't a substitute for first-hand experience when it comes to sharing valuable insight.
Our own US correspondent, Jim Connolly, said:
Gregory's posts about big data are exceptionally well-phrased, and they feature a nice mix of what he has to say and -- through links -- what others have to say. One of the keys to his approach is that he is very clear about what you will find when you follow one of his links. That's a great time saver.

2. Kirk Borne, @kirkdborne

Judge and data scientist Daniel D. Gutierrez says of @kirkdborne's Twitter activity, "Always insightful and satisfyingly predictive." Meanwhile, Gil Press states, "A rocket scientist rising like a rocket up the online influence charts."

3. David Smith, @revodavid

In the words of judge Bill Franks, @revodavid earned his position because:
He seems to come up with content on a more frequent basis than most. At the same time, his content is consistently good. That's a hard combination to find.

4. Hilary Mason, @hmason
James Robinson, co-founder of OpenSignal, summed up @hmason's Twitter output nicely:

A charming mixture of tweets about data and NYC from the chief data scientist at bitly - a must for those who like both their Apples and Data to be Big, but their links to be small.
Meanwhile, Daniel D. Gutierrez filled us in on his introduction to Hilary's tweets, telling us, "I was turned on to Hilary Mason by Professor Peng at Johns Hopkins. Thanks Roger!"

5. Seth Grimes, @sethgrimes

A recent contributor to Big Data Republic with Big Data Analytics: Facts & Feelings, Seth Grimes was voted into the fifth spot. Fritz Nelson, vice president and editorial director of InformationWeek Business Technology, hit the nail on the head, describing Seth as "Superbly knowledgeable, with edge."

The rest of the list is also very impressive:
6. Todd Park, @todd_park, US Chief Technology Officer, Assistant to the President.
7. Cindi Howson, @biscorecard, BI analyst & consultant.
8. Carla Gentry, @data_nerd, Data Scientist, Founder Analytical-Solution.
9. Joshua Burkhow, @dataenthusiast, Data Science, BI, Analytics, and Big Data.
10. Marcus Borba, @marcusborba, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management Expert.
11. Peter Skomoroch, @peteskomoroch, Principal Data Scientist, LinkedIn.
12. Marie Wallace, @marie_wallace, Analytics Strategist at IBM.
13. Yves de Montcheuil, @ydemontcheuil, IT marketer, social media convert, world traveler
14. Mike Olson, @mikeolson, Cloudera CEO
15. Oliver Ratzesberger, @ratzesberger, eXtreme #Analytics, #BigData and the #OpenSource Universe
16. Simply Statistics, @simplystats, blog by Jeff Leek, Roger Peng, and Rafael Irizarry. Home to statistics; data; science; and Rafa's Rants.
17. William McKnight, @williammcknight, Information Management; White Papers; Speaker. #TDWI, #BBBT, #BigData, #Analytics, #Databases
18. Eric Kavanagh, @eric_kavanagh, Host of The Briefing Room and Information Management's DM Radio; CEO of The Bloor Group
19. Doug Henschen, @DHenschen, Writer, reporter and editor. 17 years covering technology, analytics and data-driven marketing and customer analysis.
20. Krish Krishnan, @datagenius, Big Data Evangelist, DW SME. Author, Strategy Consultant, Speaker, Technologist, TDWI Faculty, CTO

The judging panel was made of

  • Gil Press, Managing Partner, gPress
  • Daniel D. Gutierrez, Data Scientist and author on Big Data Republic.
  • James Robinson, Co-Founder of OpenSignal.
  • Bill Franks, Chief Analytics Officer, Global Alliance Programs, Teradata.
  • Fritz Nelson, Vice President, Editorial Director, InformationWeek Business Technology.
  • James M. Connolly, US Correspondent, Big Data Republic.
  • Saul Sherry, Editor, Big Data Republic.

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