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SiSense first In-Chip Analytics Solution in the Cloud

SiSense makes Terabyte-range analytics workloads in the Cloud easy and affordable, with costs as low as $1/TB per hour. SiSense will work with Rackspace to reduce cost and complexity from Big Data Cloud deployments.

Redwood Shores, CA, June 19, 2013 - SiSenseSiSense, the Big Data Analytics Company, today announced that it is introducing the first In-Chip Analytics solution in the Cloud. The SiSense business analytics software, powered by Rackspace® Hosting (NYSE: RAX), will be demonstrated at the GigaOM Structure conference in San Francisco (booth #43).

With SiSense Prism 10X, companies of all sizes are able to run Terabyte-range analytics workloads in the Cloud without having to worry about setting up complex clusters, acquiring or maintaining expensive hardware. The solution provides enterprise-grade service, unmatched analytics power in the Cloud and reduces the cost of Big Data Analytics to as low as $1 per Terabyte per hour.

SiSense Prism, with its unique In-Chip technology, turns commodity machines into "data monsters".

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The solution can run terabytes of data on a single Rackspace node. By harnessing this power, customers are able to achieve high levels of performance with minimal hardware requirements, thus overcoming obstacles normally associated with performing analytics in the Cloud.

Running SiSense's analytics solution on a Rackspace server allows non-technical users to analyze 100 times more data at 10 times the speed of traditional in-memory solutions and can provide for a restoration of data within one hour if there is a server outage.

Additional advantages of SiSense's business analytics software include:

  • No need to purchase and maintain expensive servers on premise
  • Quicker deployment than on-premise through the Rackspace Hybrid Cloud
  • Private Cloud resource allocation (no multi-tenanting)
  • Fast upload of data into the Cloud (provided by Rackspace)
  • Enterprise-grade support (1 hour guarantee for recovery)

SiSense's In-Chip Analytics technology is optimized around modern CPU architecture. While other technologies solely rely on RAM or on Disk, the analytics solution from SiSense uses the CPU, RAM and Disk, and decides in real-time how to best use machine capacity to its fullest to store, compress and access more data faster.

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