Additions to KDnuggets Directory in June, Kognitio, analytics in the cloud; New consulting companies; Education options in Asia, online and US; New meetings, publications; Software, and Solutions for Healthcare Analytics.

Date: Jul 01, 2013

In Companies » Cloud Analytics and SaaS

  •, offering API to embed popular machine learning algorithms into applications; R as a service.
  • Kognitio, the most mature and proven provider of in-memory analytical solutions, delivering high performance analytics to companies around the world.
  •, offering an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for machine learning in the cloud. Berkeley, CA, USA.

In Companies » Consulting

  • AbsolutData, big data, high end business analytics, predictive modelling, reporting and data management services. San Francisco, CA and New Delhi, India.
  • Analytics Iowa LLC, a consulting and educational practice in Data Analytics, Statistical Learning, and Engineering Statistics. Ames, IA, USA.
  • ASID Analytics provides data science consulting services, Tulsa, OK, USA.
  • CAC group, offering customer marketing solutions, data, insights and platforms to build and sustain relationship ROI. Schaumburg, IL, USA
  • Kaggle Connect, is a consulting platform that connects companies to top competitors from Kaggle community of 100K+ data scientists.

In Education » Asia

In Education » Online and web-based

In Education » USA/Canada

  • GWU MS in Business Analytics, an intensive 10-month format designed for the full-time student or a part-time, two-year format designed for the working professional. Washington, DC.

In Meetings

In Publications » Journals and magazines

In Software » Decision Tree

  • Simple Decision Tree, an Excel Add-in created by Thomas Seyller for Stanford, open sourced for the Decision Professional Network.

In Software » Web Content Mining, Screen Scraping

  •, an easy and visual way to download and import web data. Free version.

In Solutions

In Solutions » Health and Human Resources

In Solutions » Healthcare Analytics

  • GNS Healthcare, a big data analytics company that has developed a scalable approach for the discovery of what works in healthcare, and for whom.
  • HealthCare Analytics, a full-service healthcare actuarial consulting firm with a body of expertise that encompasses every facet of healthcare administration.
  • IMS Health, global technology infrastructure and unique combination of real-world evidence, advanced analytics and proprietary software platforms, connects knowledge across all aspects of healthcare to help clients improve patient outcomes and operate more efficiently.
  • The Rapid Insight Predictive Analytics for Healthcare.
  • Vantage Point, a combined Business Intelligence and advanced analytical software system, designed as an enterprise-wide data analysis platform, combining a data warehouse with data mining, ad hoc query, report writer, statistical analysis, and 3-D graphics applications.