Learn Data Science in 12 Intense Weeks at Zipfian Academy

Zipfian Academy is a school teaching data science through an immersive 12-week program in San Francisco. Learn with hands-on projects and data scientist mentors, and connect with top Bay area companies. Applications accepted now for Winter cohort (Jan 26 - Apr 11, 2014).

Learn Data Science in 12 Intense Weeks at Zipfian AcademyLearn Data Science in 12 Intense Weeks at Zipfian Academy

Applications are officially open for Zipfian Academy's Winter 2014 Class: a 12-week immersive program teaching data science in San Francisco.

Students in the program come from quantitative backgrounds, have a working knowledge of programming, and get excited about solving complex problems using data science.

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The program includes:

  • A hands-on curriculum built and taught by data scientists
  • Access to a powerful network of top data scientist mentors
  • A collaborative learning environment in San Francisco
  • Exclusive recruiting events with partner companies

In the program, students learn data science skills through hands-on projects. The curriculum focuses on statistics, machine learning, data munging, data visualization, communication, and working with data at scale.

Zipfian Academy also connects its students with partner companies that hire its graduates, which include Facebook, LinkedIn, Eventbrite, and more.

The dates for the Winter 2014 Cohort are Jan. 26 - April 11, 2014. Rolling applications are accepted through the end of the year. The first round of application reviews begins on 11/15.

Learn more and start your application at ZipfianAcademy.com.

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