Salford Systems Data Mining Training, online or on-site, Dec 11-13

Salford Systems will be offering an online option for their annual data mining training course, covering exactly the same material as for those attending in-person. Dec 11-13, 2013.

Salford SystemsSalford Systems
Data Mining Training

Dates: Wed-Fri, Dec. 11-13, 2013

Location: Salford Systems Main Office, 9685 Via Excelencia, Suite 208, San Diego, CA 92126

Day 1: CART®: Modeling with Decision Trees

Day 2: Modern Analysis Techniques Part 1: Linear, Logistic, Nonlinear, Regularized, GPS (Generalized PathSeeker), Lars, Lasso, Elastic Net, and MARS® (Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines)

Day 3: Modern Analysis Techniques Part 2: TreeNet® (Stochastic Gradient Boosting) and RandomForests®, Including the Latest Refinements and Model Compression Techniques.

More information, pricing, and Register here.