Web Science 2014 Data Visualization Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to encourage innovative visualizations of web data, especially interdisciplinary approaches. Use any of 4 huge datasets: web traffic, Twitter data, social bookmarking, or academic co-authorship.

Jared Lorince, Dec 7, 2013.

Twitter NetworkWeb Science 2014 Visualization Challenge.

The web has generated huge amounts of data at massive scale, but making sense of these datasets and representing them in a compact and easily-interpretable way remains very difficult. The goal of this challenge is to encourage innovative visualizations of web data. We particularly encourage entries that reflect the interdisciplinary spirit of the Web Science conference.

To enable this visualization, we have prepared several large-scale, easy-to-use, publicly-available datasets:

  1. Web traffic data, including more than 200 million HTTP requests from browsers to servers;
  2. Twitter data, including a sample of more than 22 million tweets;
  3. Social bookmarking data, consisting of about 430,000 bookmarked pages;
  4. Co-authorship of academic papers, consisting of about 21.5 million papers and 10.8 million authors

Complete details on these datasets are at


All of the datasets are stored in simple file formats, so that they can be easily used without much technical expertise.

We are pleased to offer a cash prize of at least $1000 to be split among the winning entries. Winners will be announced and displayed at the WebScience conference in June 2014, presented on the WebScience website, and the winners will be encouraged to present a poster at the conference describing their work.

The entries will be judged based on four criteria:

  • innovative use of data,
  • clarity of visualization,
  • quality of design, and
  • potential impact.

Entries are due by April 15, 2014.

Please e-mail your entry to David Crandall.