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Uplift modeling is a hot analytical method to predict influence, and its adoption is rapidly growing. Learn how to do it at several sessions at PAW Boston, Oct 5-9. KDnuggets Discount.

Predictive Analytics World Boston

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The analytical method to predict influence is uplift modeling - aka, persuasion modeling - and its adoption is rapidly growing. This is the state of the art, folks. Is uplift modeling for you? Are the additional human expertise requirements, analytical complexity, and data requirements worthwhile?

This hot topic is covered across two sessions, and within Eric Siegel's book that will be given out at Predictive Analytics World Boston:

1) Pinpointing the Persuadables: Convincing the Right Customers and the Right Voters
Daniel Porter, Co-Founder of BlueLabs; Former Director of Statistical Modeling, Obama for America - How to apply the persuasion modeling (aka uplift modeling) methods used for Obama for America in marketing outside the political arena.


2) Uplift Modeling: Introduction, Applications, Comparisons, and Latest Developments
Victor Lo, Vice President, Fidelity Investments; Bentley University - An uplift modeling pioneer from Fidelity will compare and contrast various competing analytical methods that make uplift modeling work.


3) Eric Siegel's book: Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die
Eric Siegel, Founding Chair, Predictive Analytics World - The final chapter of this book is a broad introduction to uplift modeling. The book will be given out to Predictive Analytics World Boston registrants.


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