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  • CuDNN - A new library for Deep Learning - Sep 19, 2014.
    Becoming more and more popular, deep learning is proved to be useful in artificial intelligence. Last week, NVIDIA's new library for deep neural networks, cuDNN, has attracted much attention.



Webcasts and Webinars


  • PACE Data Mining Boot Camps, Oct 15-16, San Diego - Sep 23, 2014.
    The PACE Boot Camps provide conceptual and hands-on training for the critical predictive data analytics techniques that help discover actionable patterns in Big Data. Reg by Oct 10 for a discount.
  • NYU Stern Master of Science in Business Analytics - Sep 23, 2014.
    The NYU Stern MS in Business Analytics teaches experienced professionals how to understand the role of evidence-based data in decision-making and to leverage Big data as a valuable strategic asset. Learn more.
  • edX “Learning From Data” Caltech course - Sep 18, 2014.
    This introductory Machine Learning course taught by top Caltech professor Abu-Mostafa covers theory, algorithms and applications, with focus on real understanding. Starts Sep 25 on edX.
  • RapidMiner Resources: Educational Videos, Course - Sep 18, 2014.
    RapidMiner videos focus on important and fundamental aspects of this software suite; the site also offers a "RapidMiner Analyst Preparation" Course of 43 videos which prepares learners to take the official RapidMiner Analyst exam.


Academic and Research positions


Top Tweets

  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Sep 19-21 - Sep 22, 2014.
    Guess which pattern is random, which machine-generated?
    Dilbert 20 funniest cartoons on #BigData, data mining, privacy;
    Data Scientist Cartoon;
    Neural Networks and Deep Learning, free online book (draft).
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Sep 17-18 - Sep 19, 2014.
    20 questions you should ask a Data Scientist for a good conversation;
    Mad (Data) Scientist asks: "Why Are We Still Teaching t-tests?";
    Great slides from @RDataMining: Intro, Data Exploration, Regression, Classification;
    Rattle package for Data Mining and Data Science in R.

CFP - Calls for Papers


62% of data scientists indicated in KDnuggets Poll that they worked ONLY or MOSTLY on data science for humans, while only 14% worked primarily on data science for machines. See Data Science is mainly a Human Science.