Innovation Enterprise Data Science and Hadoop Innovation Summits, San Diego, Feb 12-13

Join leading Data Scientists, Big Data and Hadoop professionals in San Diego to learn about the coming changes and challenges. Special KDnuggets discount.

Data Science and Hadoop Innovation Summits, San Diego, Feb 12-13, 2015

Officially the 'hottest job of 2015,' data scientists are now in high demand. In 2014, major tech organizations filled this new position, but this year, we can expect the success of this role to filter down across all industries.

It has also been predicted that this year Hadoop will transform organizations, moving beyond data storage, to providing valuable data insight. Hadoop technologies will also become more accessible, as cloud services have reduced cost barriers to entry.

On February 12-13, the leading Data Scientists, Big Data & Hadoop professionals will gather in San Diego to address the changes and challenges expected in the coming year. As partners of this event, all members can take advantage of an exclusive 20% off all two-day passes with the discount code KD20.

The Hadoop Innovation Summit will inspire data leaders to get the most out of Hadoop and associated platforms and use the technology to drive business applications. Join 25+ speakers from DreamWorks, Salesforce, Yahoo!, Twitter, Google & more ...

Check out the Hadoop Innovation Summit agenda here:

The co-located Data Science Innovation Summit will bring together speakers from companies that are leveraging the value of data science, including PayPal, PNC Bank, Netflix, Walmart Labs, US Army & more. The widespread success of this new field is increasing the need for data scientists across multiple industries and this summit is a unique opportunity to hear from the best of the best.

View the Data Science Innovation Summit schedule here:

If you would like to attend, or for more information please contact Bola Williams at (+1 415 692 5378). Alternatively you can secure a pass via either summit website, with passes available that will grant you access to both events.

We hope to see you in San Diego!

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