Top /r/MachineLearning posts, Feb 1-7: Music recognition, Text Understanding from scratch

Shazam music recognition techniques, deep learning for text understanding, neuroscience history, Neural Turing Machines using Torch, and genetic algorithms are the top topics on Reddit last week.

By Grant Marshall

Music recognition This week on /r/MachineLearning, we have some interesting discussion around music recognition, a high-quality text understanding paper, an article on the history of Walter Pitt, a Neural Turing Machine implementation written in the Torch framework, and an example of genetic algorithms through bipedal walkers in HTML5.

1. Music Recognition: The Shazam Algorithm +104

This post touches on the general strategy used in Shazam’s music recognition algorithm. It is a very approachable introduction to music recognition, and even touches on general audio processing as well.

2. LeCun: "Text Understanding from Scratch" +87

This well-written paper examines text understanding from the perspective of deep learning. It tackles approaches from the character-level inputs to higher-level textual properties and applies convolutional networks to a multitude of text processing tasks. Definitely give it a read if you are interested in either deep learning or text processing.

3. The Man Who Tried to Redeem the World with Logic +68

This is a less technical article, but it is very well done. It goes into the story of Walter Pitt a man that tried to model the human brain. If you’re interested in the history of neuroscience and AI, this article is worthwhile.

4. A Neural Turing Machine implementation using Torch +56

As the title indicates, this post points to a GitHub repository containing a Torch-based Neural Turing Machine implementation. It shows off the power of Torch, and if it’s something you’re interested in, be sure to give it a shot.

5. HTML5 Genetic Algorithm Biped Walkers +49

This post features some interesting visualizations of genetic algorithms through the example of bipedal walkers. If you’re interested in the subject, you’ll enjoy the animations and how they were created.